Love as it comes

It’s always good to have friends of the opposite sex, if only for the interesting conversations.

It’s good to have female friends

Man, I miss Firefly – obviously (C) someone else…

Her: How’ve you been?
Me: Insanely busy, Nadi. I hate it. How’s unemployment?
Her: Good. Weird.
Me: Well, now you can enjoy having a personal life again.
Her: Yeah. Lorelei said that she would introduce me to a nice girl Saturday.
Me: Wait, girl?
Her: Boy, girl, either one is fine with me. Just someone nice, kinda cool, good looking enough so I’m not repulsed. You know?
Me: (pause) I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m a little turned on right now.
Her: …
Me: What? I’m still a dude, this is how we think.
Her: Fine, just don’t put this in your stupid blog.

Location: @9PM yesterday, on 20th and 8th, feeling old
Mood: insanely busy still
Music: What religion or reason could drive a man to forsake his lover

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Just so you'd feel loved, I'm posting here instead of LJ. I kinda know what she (BJE)'s saying… I thought about going out with a girl too… "just somone nice, kinda cool, good looking enough so I'm not repulsed." was what I said to my friends too… except instead of "repulsed", I said "as long as s/he doesn't make me throw up". Maybe you can hook me up with BJE? ^_~

Oops. Because you said, "What religion or reason could drive a man to forsake his lover"… so I thought it's BJE. ^_~Does your friend Nadi read your "stupid blog"? Hi, Nadi! ^_^

no worries! Nadi is a very attractive friend of mine so you might meet her if you come… =)And that song is Erasure! It was just on the shuffle when I wrote the blog, that's all. Am I really that old?

Feeling old, eh? Birthday's coming… I know how you feel. But Era-who? ;p Sorry, didn't recognize the song… heh

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