Red rum on the rocks with a slice of orange

People always ask me why I drink aged rum. This is what I tell them. Also, a girl asked me if I was awake. I told here I’m always awake.

“You awake?” she asked

Once again, I’m gonna ask you to send me soup.

Every time I go through these two week periods with little sleep and lots of work, I worry about getting sick. And then I get sick.


With nods to Sabatoa, Katsmw, Furison, and everyone who’s asked me this in real life – I have this conversation almost every weekend:

Him: Nasty. Why rum?
Me: I like the taste of a good aged rum, like a Cruzan or Montecristo. Plus it’s got the least amount of carbohydrates, acetaldehyde and congeners so you can drink buckets of the stuff and never get a gut, a hangover, or into a fight. (pause) Also, I like to pretend I’m a pirate – YAAARRRRRG!


Her: (whispering) Are you awake?
Me: (sleepily) I’m always awake.

Location: back in my black chair
Mood: both sick & tired
Music: Around a quarter to two I have remembered all of my lines
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Why don't you give echinacea a try?If I lived in the states, I'd send you some soup. Unfortunately, I can't send anything liquid out of the country. -_-Be well.

Your lack of sleep is making you sick. When I pulled all nighters in college, I usually got sick soon after. It lowers your immune system but I bet you already knew that, didn't you?

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