Seven more things you might not know about me

For those of you that are really bored, here are seven more random facts about me for no particular purpose.

Doing another meme – it’s what we do…

I’m doing the following meme as a followup to something similar a while back. So here are seven more things you might not have known about me:

  1. I paid for part of college by working in NYC clubs. I’m hard of hearing in one ear because of it.
  2. Unless due to (a) work or (b) a prior engagement – and much like that girl in high school everyone talks about – I never say no to a party.
  3. I’m a TV addict and built a machine that can record 750 hours of TV – cause I’m a geek.
  4. Prior to 8/2006, I only ever kissed 10 girlies. Since then, I’ve kissed a few more.
  5. I really quit my job to be a competitive fighter six years ago but then I got injured in training (dammit). I tell people I quit to write so I don’t have to tell the story.
  6. I’ve saved 10% of everything I’ve ever made since I was 14. Because of that, I own my apartment and have for the past three years. I have no debt besides the mortgage (and my bookie).
  7. I miss being 8. We were poor but I was always happy. I remember my mom brought me to the doc because she worried that I was daft – I’d stand and stare at the blue sky for hours.

My mom doesn’t know that, 26 years later, I still do it – shhhhhhh don’t tell her.

She worries.

Location: 10PM yest, at Bourbon St asking her if she knows
Mood: chipper
Music: there’s no place that I could be without you honestly

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7 replies on “Seven more things you might not know about me”

You should do it too! I was going to tag you and Gina to do it but I wasn't sure how often you read me.I'm going to add you and Gina to my blogroll, BTW – add me too!

I love #5. I think it's not easy to take a leap of faith like that. I told people that I quit (doing less) mine, so that I can focus better as personal chef, which is true. Half of the truth. Oh, #3 just too hilarious. I bet you have IQ of >140?

Thanks!I did take a leap – and crashed. But it was something I thought I could do…I dunno my IQ but I'm hoping it's good; I like to build things and I love TV so it was perfect!

I will indulge you because I have nothing better to do at the moment. I've done this on my blog before too and would rather not continue the vicious cycle. It's like a weird never ending chain letter.But why 7 habits/quirks/facts?one: When I paint my nails, I usually do just the left hand. I'm right handed. In order to paint the nails on my right hand, I'd have to use my left. It takes more coordination and I'm too lazy to do so.two: I like cereal as a snack before bedtime. I pour milk first. Then cereal. Many people find that odd.three: I'm convinced I'm part psychic. I'm highly intuitive and sometimes I get prophetic dreams.four: I sneeze in two's.five: Sometimes I like to bring a book or magazine, sit in Ikea showrooms, and pretend I'm reading at my own place with cheap designer Swedish furniture.six: Writing letters and sending postcards are fun. I do it quite often. It's a dying I'm allergic to the sun.Good enough for you?

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