On our toes

Met a woman who said that I was the first Asian guy she’d ever been attracted to. I told her that she was missing out because we’re lovely.

We’re lovely, you should meet more of us

Her: You’re the first Asian guy I’ve ever been attracted to.
Me: Ah, you’re missing out. We’re lovely. Plus, wait until you meet the really good looking ones.

I recently hung out with Burn, one of the girls I met a couple weeks back.

She’s very cool. We’re not each other’s types, mainly because she’s looking for a nice Jewish boy and my last serious relationship made it clear that’s not a route I’m interested in traveling again.

Burn’s a dance coach and she was with about a half-dozen of her fellow dancers Friday night. My luck running straight and true, all lovely ivy-league grads, none age appropriate.

Doesn’t matter though, still a fun night. I’m sure I’ll see her again as she lives around the way and I like her company.

I love that you really never know what’s coming up next in NYC.

Keeps us on our toes, yeah?

I love being on my toes.

Location: 11PM, asking for her name again on 6th Ave
Mood: happy
Music: I fall on the floor and I’m laughing
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