Norwegian Wood

Woke up somewhere in Brooklyn yesterday after meeting a med student. For details, just listen to Norwegian Wood. It’s accurate for most of the song.

Waking up in Brooklyn and Hotel Logan

Me: So what’s your story morning glory? Why do you look so blue?
Her: (pause) Wow, does that line actually work?
Me: You’re talking to me, aren’t you?
Her: (pause, laughter)

Woke up somewhere in Brooklyn yesterday.

For details, just listen to Norwegian Wood. It’s accurate up to the part that goes I told her I didn’t; instead of lighting a fire, I watched Love Actually, instead of stumbling to the bath, I slept on her sofa and instead of her, I flew.

It was a fun night but something that Sabatoa posted popped in my head at 2AM.

I never think I should take what I can; I always think I should get what I want.

You know, I never got her name or number.

But she was 29. She had hazel eyes.


My female friends often crash at my pad knowing they’re as safe as houses. The local doormen think I’m on a tear. We know the truth.

Her: I made it here without you having to carry me.
Me: That’s always a plus.
Her: (in sleepy German) Will you be here when I wake?
Me: I live here – where would I go?

Location: 7AM yest, Park Slope, Brooklyn
Mood: happy & pensive
Music: We talked until two And then she said It’s time for bed
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