Bye Betty

I was supposed to attend the University of Dresden but then I met my ex. Our lives are just strings of choices, like those Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Saw my friend Betty for dinner

Was supposed to do all these things yesterday. Instead, I went for a walk; cleaned up my pad; did some laundry; read some magazines; even cleaned out the fish tank.

Felt normal again – well, as normal as I get.

KG Betty is on a plane but we had a long talk before she left. She said she might visit Germany but she’d never move back. Her friends are all over the world now; home isn’t home any more.

Like me, she’s working her way through the world.

In 2002, I was supposed to attend the University of Dresden for a graduate program in Chinese Political Science and Law (I’m geek, what can I say).

But then I met this chick…

Ultimately, our lives are just strings of choices we make, like those Choose Your Own Adventure books from childhood.

Think I got off schedule somewhere between Chapters Three and Four.

But it’s been hella fun.

Well, Hello Weekend!

Did ya miss me?

Location: 4PM yest, walking down Broadway
Mood: content
Music: I hope you’re thinking about me daily
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13 replies on “Bye Betty”

Just wanted to say that it's good to read from a males real perspective and I give you credit for being so open. Hope it doesn't bite you in the ass, like do these girls you date know you have a blog? Just curious, I guess that's why I'm reading your blog.

I hope it doesn't bite me in the ass. The last several weeks of posts have dealt with that exact issue.But writers write, I suppose. Also, I do have a rule to not use real names and to also never speak ill of anyone I date so I'm hoping that'll make it ok.How'd you find my blog?

1. Was at the premiere of your movie.2. Up late at night(like you).3. Currently don't own a TV(was a chronic couch potato when I owned one).4. Discovered youtube and blogs when I was going through TV withdrawals.5. Thought you guys were funny and could amuse myself with your stories.

Your hilarious!Just keep it up and stop being so hopelessly romantically picky and date a pescatarian.. however you spell it.

Yes, I'm a fish killer I'm afraid. I should get more at some point soon because my tank is huge but I've only got a handful of fish now.You know that Bettas like to be in tiny tanks right? Otherwise, they feel anxious.

Duh~I'm like, a betta expert.My last one, Herman, lived to be 4.They usually last about a year. You better figure out how to take care of your fish.

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