Bye Betty

Saw my friend Betty for dinner

Was supposed to do all these things yesterday. Instead, I went for a walk; cleaned up my pad; did some laundry; read some magazines; even cleaned out the fish tank.

Felt normal again – well, as normal as I get.

KG Betty is on a plane but we had a long talk before she left. She said she might visit Germany but she’d never move back. Her friends are all over the world now; home isn’t home any more.

Like me, she’s working her way through the world.

In 2002, I was supposed to attend the University of Dresden for a graduate program in Chinese Political Science and Law (I’m geek, what can I say).

But then I met this chick…

Ultimately, our lives are just strings of choices we make, like those Choose Your Own Adventure books from childhood.

Think I got off schedule somewhere between Chapters Three and Four.

But it’s been hella fun.

Well, Hello Weekend!

Did ya miss me?

Location: 4PM yest, walking down Broadway
Mood: content
Music: I hope you’re thinking about me daily
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13 Replies to “Bye Betty”

  1. Just wanted to say that it's good to read from a males real perspective and I give you credit for being so open. Hope it doesn't bite you in the ass, like do these girls you date know you have a blog? Just curious, I guess that's why I'm reading your blog.

  2. I hope it doesn't bite me in the ass. The last several weeks of posts have dealt with that exact issue.But writers write, I suppose. Also, I do have a rule to not use real names and to also never speak ill of anyone I date so I'm hoping that'll make it ok.How'd you find my blog?

  3. 1. Was at the premiere of your movie.2. Up late at night(like you).3. Currently don't own a TV(was a chronic couch potato when I owned one).4. Discovered youtube and blogs when I was going through TV withdrawals.5. Thought you guys were funny and could amuse myself with your stories.

  4. Cool – that's perfect.I try to shut off my computer at 1AM so that I can lie awake in my bed properly.I hope you keep reading…

  5. Your hilarious!Just keep it up and stop being so hopelessly romantically picky and date a pescatarian.. however you spell it.

  6. I'm getting a betta. He will be my guard fish since I can't have a dog.Why do you need new fish?Did they die?Are you a fish killer?

  7. Yes, I'm a fish killer I'm afraid. I should get more at some point soon because my tank is huge but I've only got a handful of fish now.You know that Bettas like to be in tiny tanks right? Otherwise, they feel anxious.

  8. Duh~I'm like, a betta expert.My last one, Herman, lived to be 4.They usually last about a year. You better figure out how to take care of your fish.

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