Well, that’s weird…

After almost electrocuting myself once with a fault aquarium heater, I did what every red-blooded American guy would do: I did it again.

The time I almost electrocute myself…twice

Well, that’s weird, I thought as I peered into my aquarium, where’re all the fish? I looked closer and they were all floating. That’s not good. Interestingly, little bubbles were all over my plants – so many in fact, that one was freed from the gravel and floated up to the top.

Been busy and away a lot, but I had an electronic feeder so they should have been fine. Sighing, I grabbed the net and began to reach into the tank to fish soma the poor buggers out when: ZZZZAP!!!!

I got a nasty, nasty shock and jumped back. I thought, That can’t be. So I did what any red-blooded guy would do: I did it again

BAM! Another shock.

Dammit. The heater had fallen into the water and electrocuted all my fish.

Wish I could draw sometimes, because I think my life would make a good cartoon. (I actually did just that! I posted about my heater mishap on with a few illustrations.)


Should be here until Friday for some work. I went to college there a long time ago. I’m looking forward to pigging out at the food hall – because, deep-down, I’m a fatty-fat-fat.

Location: 20:47 yest, exiting the subway
Mood: working
Music: oooh I really liked you, must have been your attitude
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5 replies on “Well, that’s weird…”

That is terrible. This is part of the reason why I only have 1 fish instead of a whole tankful.Btw, you are such a woman.YOU ARE NOT FAT.Do you really need someone to tell you so?

If you're fat, I'm ginormous, and I don't need to go there.Poor fishies. I felt guilt that I couldn't feed my one fish and it was almost a relief when it died. I know it's mean…but I do eat fish. 😛

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