Forests and Trees

Location: 18:03 yest, dinner with the fam
Mood: confused
Music: every cop is a criminal And all the sinners saints

: I can’t. (pause) Why do you defend them, anyway? And not even get paid for it? They’re criminals.
Him: (shaking head) They’ve paid their dues. They deserve someone that believes they can be better. God puts them in front of me. How can I not help them? We’ve all made terrible mistakes, haven’t we? They just got caught. They shouldn’t spend their lives paying for their mistakes, should they?
Me: (thinking) We all deserve someone that thinks we can be better. Look, I’m not a litigator. But tell me how I can help.


Is it You can’t see the forest for the trees? or You can’t see the forest through the trees?

Either way, all I see’re these damn trees.

YASYCTAI: Use the word kismet at least three times today. (30 secs/1 pt)

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… but then what's the point of having a justice system if not to provide justice (not that i think this is anything that we could ever do correctly yet we do it anyway)…? i'm just wondering…

Well, the justice is that they've done their time and should now be members of society again.At least, that's what he thinks. I think I agree but still, I'm not sure.

yah i'm not sure either. But … if they've done their time then i think that justice *has* been done, in a way. i missed that part. at least as humanly possible. because how could you ever gauge someone's level of … remorse? or if they've 'learned'? no one can. and i'm not sure it's fair to therefore err on the side of judgement across the board (i'm assuming this is lifetime incarceration or something) because of it. anyways, big thoughts. small comment space.

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