Three barns with white horses & sliding doors

Mizuta Masahide had a poem that went: Barn’s burnt down — now I can see the moon.

Barn’s burnt down. Now, I can see the moon

Barn’s burnt down — now I can see the moon. – Mizuta Masahide

Worked this past weekend. Did manage to see Heartgirl for a bit – she said that I could mention her in this blog so long as it wasn’t anything terribly personal. So she’s back. On a related note, s’funny but about ten people unsubscribed since I stopped being single.

Heartgirl and I did have an interesting discussion about how Life works out. Year ago today I was queuing in Great Britain wondering what to do about losing all my scratch. She was doing some heavy thinking in Times Square.

She mentioned she loved Sliding Doors and In-a-Silver-Bag told me a story about a white horse. While I don’t think that everything happens for a reason, I do think that whatever happens in our lives sculpt us to be who we’re meant to be.

Having said that, had a terrible, terrible day. Said it before, out little lives are all just three things – health, wealth and relationships. It’s like our three barns. And onea my barns are always burning.

It’s hard thinking that there’s some good that’s gonna come outta this latest fire. Then again, realized this past weekend that, if my last major relationship didn’t supernova, never woulda started this blog, had the cool parts of the past 24 months, or met any of the people that matter so much to me now.

Also, never would have met Heartgirl. She alone’s worth the price of admission.

Well, her and the rum. Mostly her.

So…hoping that this latest fire is just my way to see Selene again and an excuse to drink some red, red rum.

Location: 19:45 yest, leaving office
Mood: terrible
Music: we got to do something about where we`re going

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3 replies on “Three barns with white horses & sliding doors”

=) i like that. definitely worth the price of admission. you should tell heartgirl that….and isn't it red red wine? have you ever been to the cayman islands' tortuga? 🙂 you should put that on your list of places to go.

Perhaps, it's red, red, wine but I much prefer red, red, rum.I've not been there, but perhaps I should. I need a place to go anywho.Damn, I need a vacation.

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