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Airplane Window at sunset

Two observations: (1) Got no fewer than four friends with relationships on the rocks; (2) I always get hit on more in the spring.

Think they’re related: it’s spring cleaning. People wanna be out and about maybe, capitalize on the weather, see what else’s out there.

As for Heartgirl and me, well, last weekend was just perfect. And we both know that perfect and I don’t work well together; she’s still tired of hearing me talk. But I’d like to see how our story goes.

There was a time when bad things happened to you, you put on a black mourning jacket as a quiet testament to your sorrow. Nowadays, it’s a lotta status updates, vitriol and poor grammar.

That’s why I try to sort things out before I write about them. Waited almost a month before I told you about the theft. And three months after my initial breakup to tell you about it. Need time to make sure something’s actually something and not a whole lotta nuthin. Wonder if I can still tell the diff.

Everyone’s got a place where they go to sort things out. King Midas had his reeds. Lloyd Dobler had his friends.

Me? I keep thinking that I’d like to go elsewhere, and still not necessarily somewhere and tell them my story. Cause who’d believe it? But since I can’t, suppose I got this here blog. Write it for me more than anyone.

But it’s my birthday and I get to make a request, yeah? I don’t ask for much, don’t think: world peace, some soup from time-to-time, the occasional call…

My request is this: who’s still reading? Yeah, I’ve got my stalwart group of people that comment and drop by with regularity (thanks guys) but I’m curious if it’s just them.

In my head, I imagine there’re people that never comment yet read me regardless.

So, just like last year and the time before: wish me a happy birthday and say something, all of you bastards that read me but never say anything.

Logan Lo

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haha yah… you know. but happy bday. sometimes i wonder too about mine but you're write. oops. right. i write more for me too.

Hi. I've seen your blog pop up from time to time on Blog soldiers and I always stop and read more than the alotted number of seconds – which is unusual for me. I don't find many people interesting, because, well, they aren't. Anyway, happy birthday from Scotland.

I've been reading ur blog for yrs now but never comment Rain's too … but havnet' read his in over a yr since he stopped writing(why is that?) -Joey

Happy belated birthday! (I only get to read blogs on the weekends anymore, but I am reading.) I shall be following you into that halfway point soon…here's to that real life thing. Cheers!

Er, Happy belated birthday! ^^; You don't know me, but you know someone I know. (Keep 'em out of trouble for me, will you?) I lurk very occasionally.I like the little conversations you write up. It's something I do, too (not the way you do it, but nonetheless…)Here's something for you: "Il n'est jamais trop tard." You're never too old, either. Make it a good year. Make it count. =)-R

The main problem I have with Blogger is that I can't reply to each comment with it's own comment. So…Alana – you're hardly a lurker, you comment often and I'm always glad when I see you've left something.YM – in some way, I often feel that I write this part of my blog just for you since you're the one that most often leaves a comment here. I have to thank you for that in addition to your birthday wishes.els – Hi there, and thanks for the birthday wishes!Seshat – Scotland! Well, that's brilliant, then. I'm glad to see that I'm just compelling enough to capture your attention. Thanks for telling me.Joey – Glad to have you leave something. Funny you mention Rain, as he just posted something recently, you can take a look.BrideOfPorkins – Thanks! When you get there, you'll see it's just like the first half only with less drama and more tiredness. But it's all good.R – Thanks for the saying, I do love those and try to remember as many of them as I can. I hope that you come by again. As for the friend, I can barely take care of myself, but I still appreciate the vote of confidence!

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