The purpose of life is…

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Let’s play a game; finish this sentence and then I’ll see you on the other side of this quick post:

The purpose of life is ______________.


Got an email the other day from out of the blue from someone I dated.

…and i know this is random, but for what it’s worth, thank you for never having sex with me, when we were seeing each other. i wish i could expand on that further, but something tells me that i don’t really have to, i know you understand.

Also got an email and $40 from my friend 0utre cause I sent her slim coin for a paring knife a few years back when I had some spare scratch.

I took that paring knife with me everywhere. I won’t ever forget your kindness to me then and now, may we meet someday so I can return the kindness once again in person in a more human manner. Kindest Regards.

Finally, someone else wrote me and said,

Logan, you don’t know me – well, that’s not completely true. I met you once and you mentioned the blog so I read you. And keep reading. The funny thing is that I find myself saying things that you said in your blog in conversations with other people. And I wanted to say thanks because you make me think of good things. Most things I read don’t.


Everyone finishes that sentence differently. Here’s the thing – how you finish that sentence shapes how you live your life (or vice versa).

Consider how differently these guys live their lives:

  • The purpose of life is to have a good time.
  • The purpose of life to become closer to God.
  • The purpose of life is to raise good members of society.
  • The purpose of life it to get what you can, when you can.
  • The purpose of life is to live for the moment.

My answer?

Well, suppose that’s a post for another time. Do wanna say that it was very different not that long ago when I was friends with the Devil and didn’t have to unwrap my food. In fact, it was onea the above.

Which one? That too’s a post for a different time, yeah?

But I wanna say thanks to the girlie I dated, Outre and my anonymous fan. Maybe I’m on the right path to fulfilling my true purpose.

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The purpose of life is to find the path that will lead to peaceful death. What you do on that path and how you live it is entirely subjective in my opinion, but I guess I just think it's about living without regret and with a healthy does of acceptance. You've caught me way too deep before coffee today.

wooooooooo, what a loaded question.purpose of life is to live by faith. wish i could say i did it but i have great parents who are believers and followers of living a faith driven life. family of 9 kids, broke as a joke, but never doubting god and his magnitude. it's amazing what my parents can do because they believe. put all 9 kids through college on a pastor's salary, have been round the world hundreds of times (look at my dad's passport)… just amazing. "oh my problems are so big." the god u believe in is bigger. i know i find some comfort in that… when i feel discouraged, lost, meaningless. i try to remind myself of that. it's not my schedule or timeline, it's his. anyhow not to be all bible belt and spewing off gospel… because i'm not that kinda christian, at all. but if u constantly look to yourself and ur limitations, u'll always have an excuse why something can't happen. if u truly live by faith, u can do anything.end sermon. need to be a better follower and emulate my parents.

Alana – I'm rubbish before a good cup of coffee too, but I think I see you in your sentence.Suz – I had the sense that you would lean toward faith. But the nine kids portion made my head spin. That's quite something.ym – short and to the point, I thought that was fitting for you.jbell – that's a different sentence than I would expect from you. But, knowing you, it's still fitting.

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