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Edward Hopper Room in New York

Ended up making pizza. Tasted great, looked terrible. Gonna try again and take some pics for you.


Late posting cause I spent the last two hours trying to get an oversized print of Hopper’s Nighthawks. If you’re in Chicago, y’should really see it in the museum – never have myself.

If y’ever came by my pad, you’d see that my walls are bare except for one thing my pop drew for me once.

But, realized that barren walls don’t make a home, so been looking for some artwork with my very limited scratch. Hopper’s got a good sensea how solitary the city’s sometimes. Y’can have someone surrounded by people and still by yourself; or even be at home with someone and still be by your lonesome, like his Room in New York.

Sides him, kinda partial to vintage posters like the kind below.

Thing is that, always thoughta home as someplace else. George Carlin useta say something like, a house is just the place where y’keep your stuff. So, I was never one to get even more stuff, like artwork.

But, being 36, suppose it’s time to call a place home already, yeah? Ergo, stuff. Ergo, art.

This’s my first real piecea artwork that I’ve not made myself.

Tell me something, what else should I consider?

Vintage poster of a ship - KNSM Oceanliner
Vintage poster - Altes Plakat Auto Kesselberg-Rennen by Klotz, Anton und Kienast, Eugen, (Klokien)

YASYCTAI: Tell me what art y’like. (5 mins/0.5 pts)

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I am horrible at finding artwork.I just ended up blowing up pictures that I've taken on vacation and I think I have some framed scrapbook paper. Good luck!

my home is completely artless and style-less. i need to find a gay roommate with immaculate interior decorating skills. i'm in the Chi and will ogle some artwork for u. just got a year membership to the Art Institute so might as well use it. funny thing about living in a city is u end up taking a lot of things for granted. my membership's an attempt to go to the museum at least 4x this year. i dunno about u, but looking at art gives me a headache. after a day at the museum, i've got sensory overload. esp the new modern wing. some of that stuff is instant migraine and there's this ultra creepy clown video installation. as for me, i guess i'm a sap and enjoy the impressionists. i did enjoy henri toulouse de lautrec when they did his special exhibit. but overall i'm not especially "arty".

Alana – that sounds like some of the best artwork and some of the stuff I love the most around my house. You're doing fine.Suz – I think you should get some stuff, maybe. It might change how you look at the walls you see all the time. And yes, def. see Hopper if only for a nice look into NYC. And don't let it get you a headache – that's what the cafes are for.YM- those are very nice. I have enough photos, though – mainly because I'm such a wannabe shutterbug myself. But I do like his eye for things.

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