Five miles in Manhattan

Location: my bed
Mood: artistic
Music: Never know what we will see. Come take a walk with me.

: Too nice a day to wrestle. Wanna take a walk?

Her: Sure.

: I think they extended the bike path on the west side. We can walk down the new park.

Her: That sounds like fun. Can we go to the High Line?

Me: Sure. (later) …that is if we can ever find the entrance.

Her: It’s funny, being tourists in your own city.

Me: I like it. It Reminds me of why I like this place so much.

Her: Do you want to walk to Trader Joe’s?
Me: (pointing) It’s past that white building with the blue clock over there.

Her: (amused) I’ve been to Union Square before, you know.

: Yes, I know. (laughing) I just pretend you never had a life before me.

YASYCTAI: Enjoy the nice days before they’re gone. (240 mins/1 pt)

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Posts like these make me wonder if I'll ever pass you by on the street. Then I become horrified at the thought of blurting some random string of words at you, only communicating that I'm a weird fan on the internet.

YM- It was; probably one of the most relaxing weekends I'd had in a while.Brian – ha! A simple hello would be just great. Although I'm probably in work mode most times I'm out and about.

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