Nietzxche once said that “Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies.” The key to not being a jerk is by accepting that you might be wrong.

I love being Chinese but I cannot stand China

A metro station's escalator in NYC

Got a Hello today from Roberta, the girl I sat next to on the plane years ago. She’s in college now and still traveling the globe from Italy.

What an interesting world we live in.

Subtle racism of lowered expectations sound bite

Had a full-on zero sleep the other night. The insomina’s creeping back. Wondering why, but suppose it’s just the way it is with me sometimes.

Saw the rents the other day and stopped by the local Asian supermarket for cheap produce and such. Saw a lot of non-Asians there; laughed to myself only cause I can hardly make heads nor tails outta anything – then again, maybe they’re all Asian scholars.

Can only imagine one them picking up say a durian and going, “Why don’t I give this a shot?”

A lot of young people too bouncing around. That’s cool, that they’re willing to shop in a joint where the only English spoken’s with an accent.

Speaking of younger people, a lot of them’re convinced that all Republicans’re evil and that good things’ll happen if everyone’s a Democrat.

Which is not to say that the Republicans haven’t bungled the last several years of power, they have. And there ae d-bags and hypocrites on both sides of the fence.

But the fence’s sort o my point. There needs to be conflict to make things the way they’re supposedta be. You know what you get when you only have one party supported by millions of fanatical young people that are absolutely certain their cause is just, their party righteous?

China. You get China.

Love being Chinese but I cannot stand China. The government’s as thuggish and vile as one can get.

Nietzxche once said that “Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies.” The key to not being a jerk is by accepting that you might be wrong.

On that note, suppose I should really try a durian one of these days.

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11 replies on “Durian”

Only one problem with this post: nobody, not nobody, picks up a durian and thinks 'I'll give this a shot.' The smell alone is enough to send you reeling backwards ten paces. Having said that, the only reason I tried it was because I thought, anything that smells that bad, yet is eaten by millions of people, has to taste good.Boy was I wroooong. 'Tis like off custard.

Mmm….durian. I went to China and had fried durian. Call me crazy but instead of craving chocolate or ice-cream I now crave fried durian.I agree with you – I love being Chinese but I'm not a big fan of China. Shifty eyed thugs they are.

ym- I'm glad that you like the China part. It's something that I truly believe. Sure, take it, just let people know about me!Seshat – "off custard," indeed! I think you might like the dried candy, which is what I had. Super sweet and only a little stinky.Sodablue – deep fried durian – I had no idea such a thing existed. I'm thinking the consistency was something like a fried banana I had once, which was quite good. I can see how that might be very good to have.

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