Snow on the 72nd Street Pier in NYC
Me: (CRASH!)
Her: (sighing) Why are you always tripping, dropping or breaking something?
Me: (turning to answer and accidentally knocking over a glass) I’m not sure.


Got hit with a lotta snow. Was supposed to go to my buddy’s housewarming Saturday but it was canceled. So we stayed in and watched a marathon of poor cinematic choices rounded off with carols at church.

Quiet weekend – not so good for the blogging but great for the mental health.

Speaking of mental health, onea my favorite writer’s Phillip K. Dick. He’s probably onea yours too, but y’don’t know it – Blade Runner, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly, Minority Report, Screamer, Impostors, Paycheck, Next and a buncha others.

His stories all had to do what altered reality – what people thought were real versus what really was real. Like Total Recall where he wondered, if y’could replace all your memories with someone else’s, were y’still you?

My insomnia was the worst from 15 to 25. And what I did when I couldn’t sleep was read. Like piles and pilesa stuff. The byproduct of which’s that I have memories I know’re false but they’re real to me. Someone else’s memories rattl’n around my noggin.

Then again, sometimes false memories’re better when the real ones you’re not so proud of. Isn’t it the secret dream of every human heart to get a do-over? Another chance to do things right this time around, if given the chance.

Guess wishes’re what the holidays are all about.

On a (much) brighter and related note, it’s Xmas on Thursday. If you celebrate, hope it’s quiet. And if you don’t, still hope the same thing.

See you next week.

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6 replies on “Phillip”

Merry Christmas!!I probably should have spent more time reading when I couldn't sleep. Damn you interweb! Haha. But I have memories like that. I know they're not real, but they're pretty vivid. Like the time the cow chased me…I'm still scared of cows. Btw, you know, I was totally thinking of Australia…it was there or France. If I could just pick up and move. Although that's not looking like a possibility right now.

I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I read it and sometimes comment.I find that you write it in such a way that anybody can relate to it (or maybe it's just me), even if our exact situations are not the same. It makes me feel less alone, I guess? Yeah.Merry Christmas. Hope you get everything you want – material or otherwise.

Alana – the interwebs make it easy to read all night, doesn't it? Luckily, the worst of my insomnia was before that was easy. As for travel, I think either would be good. Do it, I say.Anon – thanks for the word of confidence. I always wonder sometimes when no one comments, if anyone's out there at all. I'm glad you get something out of it.I hope I get what I need out of the holidays and hope you do too. Happy Xmas.

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