All of your life’s problems can be divided into health, wealth, and relationships

LED snowflakes on a building in NYC

Her: (cleaning) Do you know you have a can of chili up here behind the dishes?
Me: Yeah, that’s my emergency stash.

It’s a funny season for relationships – at least three couples I know that “broke up” are back together again, while my FB feed is exploding with “XX is now in a relationship with YY.” Assume that’s the Lockdown effect and it’s contrapositive.

Health, Wealth, and Relationships – all of your life’s problems can be put into onea those buckets.

My relationships seem to be stable, with the occasional hiccup. As for health, nothing major – thank goodness – although I think I’m coming down with something or just run down.

And the reason I’m run down is because of that wealth part: on the negative side, it’s been a busier Nov/Dec than it’s been in years.

On the positive side, it’s been a busier Nov/Dec than it’s been in years. All this means less time for side projects like this blog and the other things I’m trying to get started.

Since we’re talking about wealth, been thinking of that formula mentioned a while ago, which I’d like to slightly modify. Think that scratch and time have an inverse relationship that shifts as you age.

When you’re young, you’ve got a lot of time, so you concentrate on making scratch. When you’re old, you hopefully have more scratch but you’re running outta time. Then there’s that place in the middle, which is where I am and mosta the people I know. It’s a tug-a-war between conserving one and making the other. And we’re all hoping, in some small way, it’s important somehow.

Suppose there’s time for more philosophy later. Right now, got deadlines.

In case I don’t see you until next week, and if you read the same book as me, wish you Happy Xmas. If you don’t read the same book as me, wish you happy holiday.

If you don’t read any book, not sure what I wish you, but assume it’s something positive.

Location: getting dressed to go to the post office
Mood: sick maybe?
Music: I am a seeker, I seek both night and day



Snow on the 72nd Street Pier in NYC
Me: (CRASH!)
Her: (sighing) Why are you always tripping, dropping or breaking something?
Me: (turning to answer and accidentally knocking over a glass) I’m not sure.


Got hit with a lotta snow. Was supposed to go to my buddy’s housewarming Saturday but it was canceled. So we stayed in and watched a marathon of poor cinematic choices rounded off with carols at church.

Quiet weekend – not so good for the blogging but great for the mental health.

Speaking of mental health, onea my favorite writer’s Phillip K. Dick. He’s probably onea yours too, but y’don’t know it – Blade Runner, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly, Minority Report, Screamer, Impostors, Paycheck, Next and a buncha others.

His stories all had to do what altered reality – what people thought were real versus what really was real. Like Total Recall where he wondered, if y’could replace all your memories with someone else’s, were y’still you?

My insomnia was the worst from 15 to 25. And what I did when I couldn’t sleep was read. Like piles and pilesa stuff. The byproduct of which’s that I have memories I know’re false but they’re real to me. Someone else’s memories rattl’n around my noggin.

Then again, sometimes false memories’re better when the real ones you’re not so proud of. Isn’t it the secret dream of every human heart to get a do-over? Another chance to do things right this time around, if given the chance.

Guess wishes’re what the holidays are all about.

On a (much) brighter and related note, it’s Xmas on Thursday. If you celebrate, hope it’s quiet. And if you don’t, still hope the same thing.

See you next week.

Location: United States, New York, New York
Mood: cold
Music: memories come rushing up to greet me now


Happy Xmas / Holidays

Location: saying goodbye on 75th and Amsterdam
Mood: sotted
Music: She looked at me and said you’s a baby right?

A Charlie Brown Xmas as performed by the cast of Scrubs.


I kissed a woman tonight who was lovely. I wish I got her name. She smelled like vanilla and thought I was gay. And I met another woman who said she was good. We’ll see.


Someday, I’ll Flow

You know the drill,
peace and goodwill.
We know it but don’t show it,
we want it but can’t find it.
There’s a sign up above,
that maybe it’s love.
Or maybe it’s just
something ’bout us.
That, I dunno,
I’m just lettin’ it go
praying to God,
that someday, I’ll flow.