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NYC’s expensive but my friends and I’ve been here so long that we know where to go when the scratch’s barely there – or non-existent.

Take Curry Row for example; just wrote about it for an LJ Group I read.

There, for about $9, including tax and tip, you don’t gotta unwrap or open your food, cloth napkins, and silverware madea some kinda metal.

Every place’s got a joint like this, yeah? Where’s your goto place for cheap decent eats?

Anywho, met up with a buddy of mine still smarting over the loss of his girlie. Always preface any advice I give with, “Could be wrong, but doncha think…”

Cause, really, what do I know?

On that point, irritated cause someone gave advice to a buddy of mine that wasn’t just wrong; it woulda seriously made him sick cause it woulda resulted in him eating undercooked chicken.

Advice’s usually worth crap. Cause people usually give it, feel good about themselves, and go on their merry way. The listener of said advice hasta deal with the consequences.

If you’re not sure, don’t say anything or at least say, “Could be wrong, but dontcha think…”

Say whatcha want about my profession – a lawyer’s just not permitted to give BS advice. He’s got a duty to say either, “I don’t know,” or risk his license.

It’s that lawyer in me that has to document every claim I make – like in this blog with all of my ridiculous links. Annoying, yes, but feel I gotta.

Whenever y’take any advice, always ask if the person’s just giving it cause they wanna or if they actually know what they’re talking about.

Even Especially me.


Administrative note: Not gonna be publishing for a week. Tell y’about it March 16th – cya then?

Read this review I wrote in the meanwhile.

YASYCTAI: Tell me where y’go for good, decent food. (5 mins/0.5 pts)

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ym – yep, it's my bread & butter but I find it interesting and pretty cool, as law goes.Seshat – sweet, if I ever head your way, I'll know where to go. I've always wanted to see Scotland.

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