Attractive goes away

The 73rd Street Train Station in NYC
Me: Vitamins?
Her: Packed.
Me: (thinking) Clothes?
Her: Did you just ask me if I packed…clothes?!

The girl went away for a business trip the other day so I did what you might expect someone like me to do – I defrosted and cooked four pounds of corned beef and a head of cabbage.

Ate about half of it in a day.

I should not be left alone to my own devices.


As usually happens round this time, a buncha people I know broke up with their significant others. Something about spring make y’wanna clean up I suppose. Excepta course my buddy from four months ago; he may have finally thrown the deuce to the girlie that cheated cheats on him AND her fiance.

He keeps telling me that I don’t know the situation. But it’s like Lolita, y’know? See Lolita’s essentially about a middle-aged guy that wants to rape this girl – terrible, yeah? But if y’read the book, y’start thinking, I guess that’s not so terrible.

It an example of what we writers liketa call unreliable first person which’s a fancy waya saying, look at it from my pointa view.

Yeah, from his pointa view she’s got a reason she’s banging him and some other sucker. But she’s an unreliable first person, like The Talented Mr. Ripley or Diary of a Madman. Anything’s explainable given enough time, ink, and paper.

To my buddy she’s this attractive, misguided chick. But to all of us, she’s just an attractive dirtbag.

And attractive goes away, but dirtbag…man, dirtbag’s forever.

Location: Midtown in an hour
Mood: sympathetic
Music: it’s time To reassess the situation and decide what’s mine

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