Stinky lunch

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Tribeca NYC

Been busier with work this past month than quite a while. Running all over the island meeting with clients and hustling for scratch. Although my definition of scratch doesn’t really compare much with that of my friends.

Case in point, just yesterday, met up with Sheridan for lunch on onea the hottest daysa the week. Am constantly amazed at what he manages to get himself into.

Me: What’re we talking about?
Him: 420.
Me: Thousand?
Him: Million. My cut’s $600,000.
Me: Why am I buying you lunch? You should be buying me lunch!

My own life’s decidedly less interesting.

Her: What’s that smell?
Me: Some salmon I had in the fridge.
Her: (shaking head) Why don’t you have a TV show and call it, “Logan eats the worst smelling food in the world.”
Me: I’d totally do that.
Although I did splurge and pick up the iphone 4.

My buddies mock me cause I put plastic on the cover and have a protective case around my phones. But the iPhone 4 cost me $199 and I sold my old phone for $250.

Now if only the damn thing’d stop dropping my calls…

YASYCTAI: Go for the big score. (time/2 pts)

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I always protect my phones, with the hope of selling, but I've managed to destroy every single one by dropping in water, or by getting run over by car/train. How do you like the iphone4? I am wondering if I should get it…over the nexus one.

Ha – well, protection only goes so far; I'm not sure there's much you can do about phones that have been run over and whatnot.I like it very much; the flash and the video cam are very cool additions to have.

Is the screen good any better for reading (in bright light conditions?) That was a problem that I have with the old one.

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