Back to Alphabet City

Location: 11AM yest, Alphabet City (again)
Mood: cranky
Music: I’m going down, to Alphabet Street

First Avenue facing south

Hit up this networking event with PB near Alphabet City. He came to just hang out, cause he’s a good friend. Didn’t even bring any business cards. They had a raffle and were about to pull out a card.

Him: Should I toss in a card?
Me: Toss in a card.
Him: Don’t have one. Just the onea the guy that interviewed me today.
Me: Toss that in – but if you win, we split it 50/50.

Guess who won?


Him: Y’know what’s the number one reason for happiness?
Me: Purpose?

came to town and he met up with Metrodad for dinner at a french restaurant. Woulda gone but just got hit with that newest legal matter plus already had a dinner date with a protein shake and several cansa sardines.

Instead, ran around and ended up watching Julie&Julia; with the lady. But then at 11PM, get a call from the two boys and soon they’re ringing my door and sitting in my guest room.

Offer em up a selectiona my finest rums and we pound for hours. Funny thing’s that we’d never met till that night – like Julia Child and her friend Avis DeVoto. But I suppose you know who your people’re, regardless.

Him: Nah, man. It’s more than purpose. It’s this. People. Friends.
Me: (grinning) That sounds about right to me. (holding up glassa rum) Cheers, fellas. Thanks for dropping by.

Went back to do more work in Alphabet City. Then headed over to meet up with some old co-workers at a bar. Was the first guy in the whole bar so the owner – little Japanese lady – sticks her head out the door.

Her: You, hey you! (motioning over) You want sit? Come in, sit.
Me: Sure. (take a seat and chat with her)
Her: You’re a nice boy. I’m a gonna buy you drink. What you want?
Me: (laughing) Rum and diet coke, please.

Then everyone came and we caught up over cheap drinks and rich food.

Back to Alphabet City on Monday and then wrestling. Some days y’get some court papers. Some days, y’get some win.

Not a bad few days, yeah?

YASYCTAI: Caffeineguy’s right, you know. Friends’re the best, go see one. (120 mins/1 pt)

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I used to read caffeineguy's blog a long time ago and it never occurred to me that you hadn't met…I thought you all knew each other for some reason. In my head there's this chain of Alex, Rain, Ed and You. I hope more free drinks are in your future!

@Alana – yes, we all know of each other and we're chatted over email but it's the first time we ever actually met. Super nice guy; I think those that blog regularly have their real personalities come out.@Brian – ha! Well, we're promptly ebaying it so no worries there. I'm actually waiting for my iPhone 4!

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