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A couple in the NYC spring

Him: Dunno…it depends on how you count I guess. (thinking) Like 30 maybe?
Me: Jeez! (laughing) That why I don’t shake your hand, I might get the clap.
Him: So what I do?
Me: (sighing) Well, I suppose y’gotta just tell her the truth. I mean, you’re a whore, yeah. But it’s your past and what can y’really do about your past?
Him: Why does it matter so much? I don’t care.
Me: Y’don’t? What if she said sixty? Then you’d care a little, right?
Him: A little, sure. But cm’on…
Me: There’s always a price to pay. People always thought it was funny I didn’t hit every chance I had. But that’s cause I knew, someone might care someday. And this girlie cares. . So all y’can do is tell her that y’hope she can see past this but respects her decision if she can’t.

Hope it works out for him cause he finally found a girlie where it matters.

Off to New Joisey…

YASYCTAI: Update your address books. Some people gotta go. (120 mins/1 pt)

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I'm always astounded at how you manage to link so many of your previous posts to whatever you're writing at the moment. How do you keep track of it all?

My address book gets updated every time I switch phones. So almost every year. :)And I'm getting older, so is it okay to say I wish I partied it up a little bit more when I was younger? LoL…

@Brian – ha! Well, I remember that I mentioned something about this or that sometime so I go back around when I think I said it and voila, there it is. I think it pays to be consistent with thought and message.@Alana – I'm going to get a new phone myself but I've long stayed with a smartphone just so I can avoid rekeying in everyone's info.I think we all wish we partied it up a little more, yeah?

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