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Less a political post, more a legal one regarding the mosque at ground zero here in NYC.

They have the legal right to have a build one there. People may not like it, but that’s the law and religious tolerance is what the country was built on – New York in particular.

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YASYCTAI: Think about what it is we actually do. (60 mins/1 pt)

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Agreed. Personally, I find the placement of the building to be in generally poor taste and would prefer it not be located there but like you said, that's beside the point.

Exactly, I think it's in poor taste and somewhat selfish. But they have every right to be there and I would represent them zealously if I were their lawyer.

[…] Just a month ago, said that the developers of the NYC mosque were wrong to build so close to ground zero but that it’s their right. Found that there’s already a mosque in the area and it’s been there for some 40 years with no outrage for the past nine. […]

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