Woman in NYC Apartment

Me: The answer’s that you’re not a stalker.
Him: What?
Me: OK, she told you it’s over, yeah? So you talked to this other girl. The issue’s that she said, It’s over. Then she came back and’s all pissed that you went on with your life.

When a girl says, No, y’gotta assume she means, No. After all, “No” means “No” is the anti-rape and anti-stalker saying.

And I believe that; it took me a while, but I totally believe that. If a girl says, Leave me alone. Guess what, y’gotta leave her alone.

But it cuts both way – she can’t use that logic as a sword and a shield.

She can’t say to you, Y’should have known I might come back.

Cause isn’t that what a stalker says? (She said “leave me alone,” but really she meant “try harder.”)

Isn’t that what a rapist says? (She said “stop,” but the way she was dressed, she really meant, “I want you.”)

The safest thing in the world to do, is to believe what the words that come outta her mouth. If a woman tells you to bounce, you grab your shoes, say thanks for the lovely night, and bounce.

Cause y’can’t read her mind. And y’can’t read her mind cause you’re not a stalker.

Him: Gotcha.


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