Forgive or Relive

427 Shelby Cobra
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Me: Naja, Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch.
Her: Frohe Weihnachten!

Went to church last night. It’s always nice to hear carols around this time of year. An old woman stopped by and asked me about the church – we chatted a bit when I noticed her accent. Turns out she’s from Germany so said a few words to her. Forgotten a lotta it.

Once told someone that if I remembered everything I once knew, I’d be the smartest person I’d ever met. Then again, if we didn’t forget stuff, life’d be hell. Blessed are the forgetful, yeah?

There’s an acquaintance of mine that seems obsessed with a mutual friend. They broke up a while ago but she hates him with a passion. Thing’s that I know this fella pretty well and he’s a good guy. To hear him tell it, it just didn’t work out; to hear her tell it, he was the devil spawn – but for no real reason.

From everything she’s ever said, he was, at most, just inattentive at times. They only dated a few months.

His biggest crime is perhaps that he just never thinks of her. There’s never a mention of her at all unless I bring it up, at which point, he’s always happy to hear that she’s doing well. On her side, she somehow construes every success he has in some negative term – and he’s quite successful.

The mark of an adult, I think, is to realize that some things just don’t work out. For a long time, wanted a 1967 Shelby Cobra. But it’s not really a car for NY winters – or a family. It’s not appropriate for me any longer, if it ever was.

This is not to say that she doesn’t honestly have a reason to be upset. But it’s killing her and doing nuthin to him. So what’s the pointa the poison?

This fella named Alan Paton once said that, When a deep injury is done us, we never recover until we forgive. And I once said that I used to wanna call the ex to tell her that I survived the blow. But stopped caring enough ages ago to ever bother.

Anywho, the acquaintance doesn’t read my blog but wanna tell her the next time I see her that she’s saying a lot more with her hate than she ever said said otherwise. ‘Tis the season and all that jazz, y’know?

Me: Well then, thanks for vising us.
Her: Happy Christmas!

Location: last night, singing Joy to the world on Broadway
Mood: relaxed
Music: Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older

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Hi. Yee_momma mentioned your 12/22/2010 entry so that's how I happened to come across your blog. I just wanted to post about the girl who can't stop saying bad stuff about her ex, even though the bad stuff might not be all that bad. That described me at one point. It may be her way of getting over the relationship by constantly reminding herself that he's not the one. Let's just hope that she finds other interests to keep her thoughts off of this guy. Merry Christmas!

Hi Elaine! Sorry, this comment slipped through the cracks and I should have responded sooner. I'll have to thank Yee_momma for mentioning my blog but ever since I switched over to WordPress, I lost a lot of my blogroll, can you send her me her blog address?

Yes, that's true about getting over the ex and I've done that myself but I think the issue here is that it was year (YEARS) ago and they only went on a handful of dates, like three. Moreover, he never really thought of them as dates, he thought they were just friends. We all think she's still madly in love with him and feel a bit sorry for her. For some reason, she built this up into some big major thing when it wasn't that at all.

Happy Xmas and holidays to you too!

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