Getting together with friends

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Me: Dude, we’ve known each other almost 20 years.
Him: Crazy, right? S’funny when you start talking about time in decades.

Met up with a buncha buddies the other night; random get together over cheap wings, rum, and beer(s). They all went to Cornell but they never hung out with each other. Goes back to my theory that your friends’re mirrors to some aspect of you. Bryson’s my fighting buddy, Paul’s my wingman, and Ricky’s fellow entrepreneur – check out his nysteals.

Onea them once said to me that he liked meeting my friends cause, “You’re not a douchebag, so you don’t have douchebag friends” – which is just another waya saying my mirror theory, I suppose.

Almost four years ago, wrote about this story my pastor likes to tell.

JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis and a third writer were all close friends and when the third writer died (Charles Williams?), CS Lewis said something along the lines of “When he died, I thought, ‘at least I’ll have more of JRR, but in fact I had less,’” meaning that, when the third friend died, CS Lewis found that the third friend brought out things in Tolkien that CS couldn’t.

It’s true. Eacha those guys all draw out some different side to my personality. It’s why it’s always interesting when y’get a group of completely unrelated friends together and see what happens. We all hung out for over three hours on a weekday night without a moment of awkward silence.

On a distantly related note, my liver’s not speaking to me this week.

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YASYCTAI: Get a small group of friends together just to see what happens. (three hours/2 pts)

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yah i love that cs lewis theory. so true. it makes me sentimental. on another note, i don't think it's me being biased, but i got together once with a bunch of ivy leaguers, and by the end of it all, gravitated towards the cornellians. it's like we're the most down to earth, comfortable of the bunch. i say that again as objectively as i can 🙂

Ha – well, I personally like to think that we're more down to earth but that's just me and I'm def. a little biased.

I think that CS Lewis theory is spot on; I always like to see some particular friend or another just to be more "me" sometimes.

Hey, can you leave me your blog address again? Ever since I switched blogs, I haven't read yours.

user is yee_momma

but really it's fallen into such disuse 😛 it's one of those not-really-busy-but-not-really-writing-much-even-though-lots-going-on-in-the-head — kind of times…. 🙂

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