The people that point and the people that run in.

Her: (glancing at clock) It’s 11:11 – make a wish.
Me: (thinking) I hope those people’ll be ok.
Her: That’s a good wish.
Me: (as clock changes to 11:12) Made it just in time. Maybe it’ll come true.

There’re people in life that you’ll meet that’ll always say a contrary position. If you say it’s black, they’ll say it’s grey. Daytime, it’s early evening.

These people aren’t necessarily bad, but they are needy. They need to feel superior, to be listened to, to matter.

A variation, however, is the pointer. The ones that feel they know some truth hidden from the rest of us. The ones that spring up at every tragedy and say, “God is punishing (insert childhood issue here)” or “Well, they really brought it upon themselves.”

In all of human history, there’s no tragedy so great where some cruel person won’t stand to the side and point, not at the calamity, but the victims.

Some, like Gilbert Gottfried, point and laugh. Some like Glen Beck, point and blame. The reason’s the same, that neediness. Coupled with an inability to do anything but point.

But often, there’s no tragedy so great where there won’t be someone else that runs past them to stand in front of complete strangers and say “Stand behind me, I’ll protect you.” It’s people at their very best.

As of this writing, 50 people keep walking back into a nuclear reactor to try to get it under control. Can’t even wrap my head around that.

Said once that troubles strip away the fat of your lives to who we really are. Sometimes, under the fat, you find a Gilbert Gottfried there, sometimes you find a hero.

Both make you shake your head in disbelief but for totally different reasons.

Location: watching this all unfold
Mood: pissed off
Music: we could be heroes, just for one day
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Speaking of Gilbert Gottfried and Glen Beck, you should really look up Alexandra Wallce from UCLA if you haven't done so already. Makes my blood boil.

How goes it Logan?

It goes, it goes.

Yes, I saw that and I'm sorry to hear that she left the school; it sucks when the mistakes you make as an idiot youngster follow you throughout your life sometimes. Still, she brought it upon herself, didn't she?

She did. It's another one of those moments that makes you realize how technology developed so much faster than common sense. The internet can be such a cruel and unforgiving place.

yah I heard in japan they were calling them the fearless fifty. but maybe i just misheard. i am just in awe by them. when something bigger than yourself drives you. how many of us could be like that when push came to shove?

I think that Fearless Fifty is certainly apropos, especially in this regard.

I have no idea what I would and hope that I would be brave. But you never really know.

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