Wedding Celebration 2

Wedding pictures

Although HG and I wanted to keep our wedding to a minimum, her parents threw us a little something out in Hoboken. So we went from having one small thing with just the two of us and her sister to two small things.

I arrived…moist. The weather was muggy with the occasional shower or two; it’s been raining all week.

Chicken on a bed of vegetables pictures

Met mosta her family before but it was nice to have a moment to sit down and actually speak with them. It’s not all of time, but usually people reflect their families and HG’s family was essentially an extension of her.

Felt very welcomed into the family.

Her dad had mentioned to her mom that wedding favors’re never for men, so as a funny aside, she got us wrenches.

Wedding wrench

When her grandma on her mom’s side was telling me a story and said, “…your grandfather…” something.

Made me laugh cause I don’t think she noticed that she said your grandfather rather than HG’s grandfather. Made me thinka my grandma too.

Sat down and spoke with her other grandma too; when I turned cause someone was taking a pic of us, she snuck in a kiss on my cheek and I laughed.

Drinks at the W Hotel

At the night’s end, went with her siblings to a hotel bar where we downed some drinks. Her brother pulled me aside and shook my hand. Welcome to the family, he said.

Me: Ah, you guys are all so nice, if I were a douchebag, you wouldn’t tell me.
Him: Oh, you’d know, you’d know.

Molten Lava Cake

Location: about to run out to pick something up
Mood: hopeful
Music: we could be married and then we’d be happy
YASYCTAI: Call a relative; time just goes by so fast. (5 mins/1 pt)

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it's working now! looks YUMMY!! congrats again. and again. and again. (this month is all about YOUUUUUU!!!)

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