Having a date night with the wife

Logan Lo

HG and I have a habit of going to local NYC hotels for a quick night or two away from the house. It’s amazing what the word “deluxe” means inside city limits and what it means everywhere else in the world.

Which is not to say we had a bad time. We had dinner at a new restaurant called Tenpenny, where we had great service and some pretty impressive food as well. It’s nice having a date night with the wife. Afterward, we walked back to our hotel and sat at this very old school bar. I actually had an Old Fashioned instead of rum, just to shake things up a bit.

Made it back in time to wrestle for a bit and practice some fencing. My old injuries are bugging me like mad. Have to schedule another appointment with the doc. Growing old sucks but, to paraphrase Maurice Chevalier, it beats the alternative.


Logan Lo

Sunday was church where I spoke to this young lady; she’s dipping her toe back into the dating world.

Her: It’s hard finding the time to date.
Me: Well, you go to work five days a week right? That’s to keep a roof over your head and food on your plate. Finding someone to spend the resta your life deserves at least as much consideration as that, dontcha think?

Speakinga work, client just killed a project I was working on but it’s just as well, this is a busy month.

Trying to stay on topa things’s a lot like playing Whack-A-Mole, yeah?


Location: home, listening to the rain outside
Mood: injured
Music: til the day I die I run more game
YASYCTAI: Have some fish today. (15 mins/0.5 pts)


  1. I loved the movie Gigi as a child and thought Maurice Chevalier was gorgeous. Then I watched when I was older and realized what the movie was about!! lol. Still like it though…

    And hey! I am coming to NY (well queens?) for a few days next week!!! Is there something not touristy, that should be done?

    1. I can't say that I've ever seen that film but I'm told it's very good. I'll add that to my "someday" list.

      As for things to see in NYC, I've been meaning to write a blog entry about the bits of NYC that I love so maybe I'll do that sooner. But for now:

      Go to John Pizzeria in Times Square at some point for dinner or lunch. It's inexpensive as food goes in NYC, awesomely good pizza AND it's located in an old cathedral, so that looks really cool. Ask to sit in the main room so you can look up and see the stained glass ceiling.

      Then take the 1 train uptown to 110th street, get off and walk east to see St. John the Divine (if you do this during the day and it's open, check the website). It's the largest cathedral in the country and just jaw-droppingly impressive.

      If the weather's nice, you can also take the train from John's Pizza and go the other way to the Winter Garden and sit on the water and get a drink or two (http://www.worldfinancialcenter.com/).

      Out in Queens, if you want some killer but extremely cheap eats, go to the food court in the Flushing Mall (http://www.yelp.com/biz/flushing-mall-flushing) for Chinese food of all stripes.

  2. Ok, what is that round thing on your plate? Looks tasty.

    The individual above mentioned Gigi. That was one of the movies that I publicly loathed but secretly liked as a kid.

    1. That's a really nice piece of pretzel bread that they serve up as their before-dinner bread. I liked but didn't love it but HG really liked it.

      OK, I'll def watch that film now, just need to find the time to do it.

  3. My wife just sent me a text about the great time we had this weekend. Sometimes you have to find time to date. Better yet, force your self to date. Dating just won't happen!

    1. Yes, you're right. It's one of those things that really needs to be scheduled in this day and age.

      Thanks for the comment! May I ask how you found me?

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