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It’s hard fighting the intertia

Fruit stand in NYC, midtown

Got another lecture to give today, which’s great. The only issue’s that I’ve had three hours of sleep. Never know when my next bout of insomnia comes but it always comes when I’ve got something important to do.

My insomnia’s like a cock-blocking friend at a party; it always shows up at the worst possible time.

Life’s been slowing getting back to normal since returning from Europe last week. After catching up on some work, met a young guy that’s starting a real estate venture. He’s like 27. Also finally saw The Social Network.

There’s something about being younger that let’s you take some crazy chances. Told the guy somea the stuff I used to do when I was younger and he was fairly impressed. But I think about people like Mark Zuckerberg who took these even bigger chances; it’s humbling.

The problem in life’s fighting the inertia, I think. It’s so much easier to just let things be. And as I get older, finding it harder to shake it off and force myself to take these chances.

No time to really think about it now I guess.

I’m on at 10AM…

Location: home, picking out a suit
Mood: tired
Music: wonder how they sleep at night
YASYCTAI: Shake off that inertia. It’s only ever death, man. (time/2 pts)

4 replies on “It’s hard fighting the intertia”

Ugh, funny but I've been feeling the same way lately. It's hard for me working in one industry while trying to make it out in another that is so competitive, everything I've done is nothing but a speck amongst millions. Plus I AM getting old. But hey, you know the cliche about failure vs. not trying at all. And besides, I enjoy it.

Yeah, I agree with you. There's never really enough time. Still, you're already pretty accomplished for your age.

I'm glad you think so – I think we all think we could have done a lot more in our lives. Def. think that about me.

You should absolutely keep trying; life is all in the trying. And nothing eats at you more as you get older than the, "Why didn't I at least try?"

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