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Justice isn’t blind, she chooses not to see / Don’t go to law school

Portrait of justice in the Musée du Barreau in Paris

To continue my odd fixation on things that have that have an air of truth but no real truth to them, y’know that saying, Justice is blind?

That’s completely wrong.

Not only is it completely wrong, it completely misses the point. Justice is not blind, she chooses not see.

Look at every statue, every portrait, and you’ll see she wears a blindfold. For example, the picture above is from the Musée du Barreau in Paris. Blindfold.

She has the ability to see, to judge with her eyes, but instead, she judges with her ears; listening to the facts and deciding. The problem with most things in life is that most people judge far too quickly on far too superficial data. Judgment without processing any true information is the key to injustice. Taking it all in and changing one’s mind in light of new information should never be a bad thing.

On an unrelated point, an election year is coming. Let’s see what’s for sale.


On the topic of lawyers and law school, don’t go to law school. First of all, when I went, the job market was crazy-good; now it’s crazy-bad.

But if that’s not enough, don’t go cause you could start Facebook instead.

In fact, I started Facebook in 1999. Well, I started a website that let you post pictures, leave comments, write stuff, etc, called “” But it never really took off causa a number of boneheaded moves on my part and cause I was going to law school.

While I do love the law and my particular field of it, there’s a sense that my life might have been radically different if I had never gone. Perhaps it woulda been far worse, or far better. Never know.

Think that law school’s a honeypot; it’s a place that many people go cause they haven’t figured stuff out yet. It’s one thing to spend three years of life and $150K if you’ve been dying to be a lawyer your whole; quite another if you’re just trying to be “safe.”

Especially cause it’s not safe.

With my love of my practice, I still mighta gone knowing what I know now. Not sure.

If you’re thinking of going back to school just cause you’ve got no other idea, consider paying back the aether instead. If you’re lucky, you’ll change the world and make a mint while you do it.

Just remember to hire me when you need some legal advice.

The above may potentially be seen as advertising for a real estate attorney in Chicago per NY Rule 7.3(a)(1). See what a pain being a lawyer is? Imagine you’re just writing something for your blog, which no one reads, cept maybe your mom hoping that this time, someone will see the genius that is her progeny, but no, mom, only you think that) and you’ve got to throw up a disclaimer. A disclaimer! It’s the height of ridiculousness. Between my mom and me, and occasionally Heartgirl out of pity, I’ve got three readers. And yet…disclaimer. I should have just stuck to building networks. Are you still reading this? If so, I’m thinking of killing the portion of the blog and just doing this at my regular blog. What do you think? Again, not that anyone reads either of them (mom, there’s no need to write a comment as “anonymous” as I’ll know it’s you. I’m fine, although under the weather; married life is great and the the house is spotless). Also, I’m contemplating selling canvas prints of my photos do you think there’s a market for them? What if I include a recipe for chili? Ok, I’ll stop now. Don’t go to law school.

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12 replies on “Justice isn’t blind, she chooses not to see / Don’t go to law school”

I don't mind if you kill LJ. I lost my lj password… 🙁 And the email I used back in the day was from my site that the host went out of business and and and…yeah.

Although, I am still reading! Just been travelling though!! I was in NY a few weeks back btw (but mainly stayed in Queens).

And I had that debate about university/schooling for the sake of not knowing what else to do with my mom. She's pro-school and I am anti-school, unless you have a plan or a passion (me). Just because one day in the future (you never know!) you may decide to like something and need the paper is a pretty weak reason (from her side).

I'm with you – it's a huge drain on your time and pocketbook and you should only do it if you really love it.

I think I'll keep LJ for a little while longer but it's just not as active as it used to be. I think if I focused on just this blog, it might be a lot better.

What did you do in Queens? They have some great food there – man, I wish I some now…

Doooooo it….

Anyways, I never thought of law school as being "safe." Seems too specialized for me. I always thought that's what MBAs are for 😛

Me being a pro-education, I always encourage higher education. But you're right. Always important to go for the right reason, most especially for grad schools.

HA – I just had a bunch of comments from readers on LJ and they said I should stick around. On another point, it's heartening that people are reading me to the point that they read the small print. I sometimes think I'm just writing for myself all the time.

Having done a great deal of higher education, I'm pretty torn between the intellectual pursuit and just the costs – both in time and actual money.

Lol, from what I can tell, LJ has long been the haven of gothy, angsty teenagers who can't spell. Plus, it's really annoying since you have to log in to comment. My vote is to let it go gently into that good night.

PS. Since I'm a new reader (#5 based on the comments), what kind of law do you "practice" (ha, the term always makes me laugh).

Ha – well, there's def a good amount of those but one of the benefits of being an old geezer like me is that the younger, gothy-type of people don't generally want to read about the exploits of a rum-swilling lawyer/writer.

Thanks for being a new reader – how did you find me?!

As for my practice, intellectual property law (trademarks, copyrights, etc). It's fun, I love it, I've got to say. It's just nice, finding something you find intellectually stimulating that you can make a living at.

Aw, you're biased! 😉

Glad you found the disclaimer funny – I live to please. Also, I got your email, thanks. Trying to get rid of this stupid cold…

I'm the chick who bought your white camera off ebay. 🙂

Intellectual property, huh? Interesting, especially in these cloud-based ownership times… And kudos to you for being able to work at what you enjoy.

MS LAURA!!!! Hello! How is Clara (my old camera?!) And you actually are reading me – it's nice to know you weren't just trying to be nice.

Is Clara treating you well? Are the pictures lovely?

Yes, IP law – I do love it, I'm ashamed to say. A lawyer that loves what he does; it's a lucky thing.

You'll keep in touch?

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