Stupid on different subjects

Street lamp in Byrant Park, in NYC

Me: Niggardly is a Scottish word meaning “cheap.”
Him: Nope, it’s Scandinavian. (gets dictionary)
Me: Dammit! I hate being wrong…

The weather’s been great in the city since Irene. Calm, cool, dry – it actually feels a lot more like early fall than anything else. Suppose I should enjoy it.

No time to do that today, though. Gotta be in court – although this time it’s not for me but a client. When it comes to court cases and clients, I usually play a supporting role behind the scenes. This time, though, sitting front and center. For a guy that doesn’t litigate, this’s always interesting.

Dunno how people get anything done in hot climates; always feel lethargic and slow in the summertime. But the second it feels like fall, it’s like the year’s begun.

Like to teach myself something every year. Twain said that we are all stupid, just on different subjects. That’s true – I hate not knowing something.

Dunno if I told you but this year, I decided to learn calculus. No real reason except I never did. But then I thought I should do something a bit more practical so I turned back doing  my Mission real estate courses.

Funny isn’t it? The whole time I was in school, dreamed of being outta it. Now that I’m outta it, dream of being in it (especially in the fall). It’s the human condition to blunt the sharp points of our memories.

Enough armchair philosophy, got an important date with an adult in a robe.

Ed note: Niggardly is completely unrelated to the racial slur – which it merely sounds like – the pejorative comes from Spanish/Portuguese noun negro.

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YASYCTAI: What are you learning this year? (two semesters/1.5 pts)

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I still got my Calculus and Multivariable Calculus textbooks from college! Being the math nerd that I am, I cannot bring myself to part from them. So how's them derivatives and integrals?

Hola! Well, I stopped, actually, to concentrate on something completely different – mainly search engine marketing and optimization. It's actually fairly interesting although I've got a lot to cover.

I figure I'll go back to the calculus at some point.

I'm like you with the textbooks, hence the mess I call my office!

It most certainly is a Scottish word. Well … probably Ango Saxon, too, I dunno. The etymology is that it's from the Norse 'nigla'. We still use it over here, with no racial connotations at all. Unless you're in Glasgow. Then everything has racial connotations.

That's what I thought too! But according to several dictionaries, it's not. I do remember reading that it was Scottish somewhere – dammit, I wish I could remember where.

Ha, I've never been to Glasgow. I'll have to add that to my itinerary for travels next time.

How have you been?!

I've been well, thank you verymuchferaskin. We're battening down the hatches in readiness for the tail end of some hurricane or other, but I ain't worried. I live in a wooden boat house surrounded by trees and water. What could possibly happen?

Re this niggardly thing – I think it's all a bit shrouded in mystery, but Wikipedia: Source of All Truth and Goodness (TM) says about the Norse thing, so there can be no argument. None! (Hides Oxford English Dictionary behind back).

If you make it to Glasgow, let me know. I'll take you to the 78 Cafe, then feed you Jamaica Sundays – seeing as we share a love of the rum stuff.

All love and thoughts on this day.

Glad to hear it; it seems to me this particular hurricane season is stronger than before. I'm guessing that this is from the whole global warming trend. Not good at all.

I read that too about the Norse item in Wikipedia but I suppose it's something that can't be nailed down with extreme specificity.

If I ever make it to Glasgow, you will be the only person I know so I'll absolutely take you up on that (and I'll bring some rum as well!)

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