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My favourite thing about Steve Jobs was this thing he said a while back. The story goes that some guy was constantly tweaking and editing something, saying it wasn’t ready yet. He was an artist, y’see. At which point Steve blew up and said, “Real artists ship!”

He meant that the only difference between a nutcase with a notebook and a writer was that a writer tossed his baby out into the world and let come what may. Anyone can call themselves an artist but a real artist produces.

Thought about the man and that quote a lot. He had a million ideas but the difference between him and everyone else was that he rolled his dice, he took his chances. He never was onea those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.

Who knows what he could have shipped if given just a little more time?

And that’s the thing, isn’t it? He made more in month than I could ever make in a lifetime. Yet it’s why I despise that saying, time is money. Any idiot can make more money.

But time, that we’re not afforded enough of, regardless of the person. Time is a trillion factors greater than money.

Bye, Steve. Wish you had less money but more time.


Logan Lo in Paris

For those of you coming from LiveJournal, thanks for coming along.

It’s been a while and hopefully a little while more.


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    1. I didn't actually think he would pass right away. I thought he would be able to fight on; stupidly optimistic I suppose. It's sad, regardless.

  1. I'm happy to read and comment here, but unless your site can let me know if someone replies to my comments, it doesn't provide the discussion that LiveJournal does.

    1. Thanks M – I do appreciate it. You know, I never really gave that any thought; I assumed that when you put in an email address, it would notify you of responses. Could you let me know if this isn't the case (of course, if I don't hear from you, I'll assume that is the case and will have to figure something out).

      1. Nope, no notification that you replied. I don't know what comment plugin you're using or how attached you are to it, but the Facebook comment plugin a) eliminates a lot of the trolling that comes from anonymous commenting and b) uses Facebook's existing notification mechanism to tell commenters about replies.

        1. I just installed a bevy of plugins (thanks for the tip) but none of them integrates particularly well to my WordPress. The one I decided on is the best of an admittedly ok lot.

          Tell me what you think and if you have any other ideas – that's a great suggestion!

  2. Bookmarked, sir. Why did you leave livejournal? Do you write/post on Google+ at all? I hear it's the craze for writers these days.

    1. Heya! I left LJ because I felt that it wasn't being read that much any more. I miss it often but think that it's a sinking ship. I'll add Google+ to those things I plan on looking at in the future.

      It's good hearing from you again – I hope all is well!

  3. I love your new WP site Logan. I'm using it too now ( and like it so much better. My art website is also a CMS site. So sleek, smart, Google (and user) friendly and easy to use. Your header keeps changing with different photos; I love it! How do you do it?

    1. Hey there! I'm going to add you to my blogroll – I don't know if you're getting a message that I've responded to your comment but I'm hoping you will. Yes, I like it a lot too, it's pretty nice looking and so flexible. The only issue is the commenting, or rather, the lack of notifications for the commenting. If they could fix that, it'd be perfect.

      OK, let me check out your blog too!

      1. Oh, regarding your question with the header changing, if you're using the Twenty Eleven 1.2 theme, go to "Appearance" then "header" and then click "random" for the header options.

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