You become less self-reliant after marriage

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While I love the Honeymooners, it did always bother me that since that show, most family shows I know of have been about a clever wife and dimwitted husband. Think everything from The Simpsons to The King of Queens. There are some exceptions but by-and-large, that’s the go-to situation for most sitcoms.

Still, now that I’m actually married, I think there’s something to be said for men and “marriage brain.” Find myself relying on her regarding things on which I was once fairly self-reliant.

Me: Have you seen my toothbrush?
Her: I packed it along with some floss, toothpaste, and other toiletries in a plastic bag. I also packed a snack bag.

Which is not to say I don’t pull my own weight around the joint. In addition to being the official killer of bugs and other critters, I keep the place humming.

Her: Why’s it so bright in here?
Me: I put in two more fluorescent light tubes.
Her: (shielding eyes) Take them out – it’s like we’re living on the sun.

Although it is interesting since we got married, we’ve somehow managed to read each others minds so that often seem to be thinking the exact same thing at the exact same time:

Me: I like married life.
Her: (simultaneously) You look weird.

Well, not every time.

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Haha your ramblings rarely fail to amuse me. Re: the clever wife/dimwitted but well meaning husband situation. my 2 cents says that got to be purely based on viewership female/male ratio? Men being entirely too busy putting up fluorescent light bulbs to watch sitcoms….///

That sounds about right – there are a few new sitcoms that don't do this, such as "the Middle" but even the popular Modern Family has this stereotype. Oh well, I suppose they stick to formulas when they work.

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Funny how you talk about married life now whereas two to three years ago it was all about your single life and dating. I could also recall your tendency to attract the younger crowd. Guess who has that problem now? Yep. Much tougher if you're female and the guys you attract are soooooo young. Joys of being Asian.

Ha, I can imagine – I have three friends that are in that spot as well. I will tell you what I tell them: do online dating! It's the best way to have *some* sort of screening process and hopefully meet someone with staying power. It's not perfect, granted, but it's something to add to your dating mix.

Weren't you with some fella for a while?

There was some fella I was seeing, but that ended a few months ago. There's always one or two every year which is why I don't do online dating. Not that I have anything against it; I do know a few folks who've met their spouses online. But then again I always saw it as something for those actively seeking of which, at the present, I'm not. Just enjoying the ride.

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