He wouldn’t hurt a fly

Entrance to Subway on 50th in New York City

[The shooter] was the last person I would’ve expected to do something like this.

Another school shooting.

Remember where I was at the first one; was in my law journal office in law school when a blonde stuck her head in and asked everyone, Did y’hear the news? Some things stay with you.

In any case, the above quote is from a young man interviewed by GMA the day after this Monday’s shooting.

Isn’t that what you *always* hear after a school shooting or some other great tragedy. What does that tell us?

It’s tells us that people have no idea what other people are capable of.

We all have our three lives, yeah? Our public lives, our private lives, and our secret lives. They’re the three faces we all wear and it’s our private and secret faces that people find surprising.

My boss recently read my book and I think – because of all of murder, mayhem, and cursing – that, while he enjoyed it, it took him by surprise.

My writing’s parta my private life, I guess. As for my secrets, we all have them and I’m no different. Suppose that everyone thinks that what we do by our lonely makes us better people.

But y’never can tell until the day comes that you show the world your other faces if that’s actually true.

As for me, always assume that people are capable of anything, both for good and evil.

To live any other way’s a sucker’s bet.

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So true. I believe that if you can think of something, it can happen. Most likely, it has already happened, many do not realize it, but there is nothing new under the sun. One of my most mild-mannered friends recently told me that sometimes he feels so much anger towards to certain people that he can fathom 'offing' them. Now these people really are scumbags, and he said that even though the thought crosses him mind, he would never carry it out. This is not surprising to me because I feel that if regular, 'good' people are put in unfortunate circumstances, they will do anything. For example, if someone breaks into your house, rapes your wife, steal everything you own and murders your parents, would you hesitate in 'offing' them? (especially if you're smart enough to not get caught?)

I think we're in total agreement; I'm pretty laid-back as things go but my home is my castle, however modest it is. And my family is everything – I don't think I'd hesitate to protect them. Then again, I hope I never find out.

This post is brilliant. Inspiring. I haven't thought of it that way. It seems I try to awkwardly blend the three together, some idealistic attempt of mine, but it's true that I do feel those three parts of myself. Artists and writers let out some more of that private life. I definitely see more from you that I could never know, from reading your book, and enjoy it so much. Some things that are normally private should be expressed (artists), others not so much (murderers).

I think being aware that everyone has these sides better prepare us for the relationships we inevitably develop over time. Some people just don't understand, for example, a couple breaks up – but that couple knows and it's usually because one of those three lives of one person is in the conflict with one of the three lives of the other.

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