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Most of the images here are my copyright since it’s just a view of my little world.

But every so often, there’re things that I find so good that I wish it were part of my little world.

Here’re a buncha hyper-minimalistic posters that sum up classic children’s stories in a single frame. You can buy posters of them, and see others, from the original artist here.

Recently had an online “debate” about China versus the US and this fella wrote this long-winded explanation as to why China was so great. Told him that if it was great, why was he choosing to work, study, and live here?

That pretty much ended the convo.

Einstein once said that, If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

Guess that’s why I like these; cause the artist “gets it.”

In some ways, when I write, try to use the least amount of words possible to get my point across. Figure that you’ll catch my drift and fill in the blanks yourself. And whatever you fill in regarding my life is probably more interesting than the real thing.

Here’re more posters. May buy one as they fit into my art beneath the canopy glow.


Had a disappointing day yesterday.

It’s hard, shaking off all of your little miniature disasters.

Hansel & Gretel
Alice in Wonderland

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4 Replies to “Hyper-Minimalist (wannabe)”

  1. Minimalist art is like a complex math problem for me: have to stare at it, work on it and once I get it, I think it's the greatest thing in the world. And I usually prefer if it's not open-ended. Being rational and you can say partially narrow-minded, everything has to have an answer or else I'll end up searching to the end.

    Like Shakespeare said, brevity is the soul of wit.

    1. I think that's the perfect quote for this entry and – dammit – I didn't think to put it in here.

      I'm exactly the same way when it comes to it; I like making those leaps of logic to understand what the artist is trying to say and when I "get it," I feel terribly clever. Even though someone else had to map the whole thing out.

      These are pretty cool, don't you think?

      1. They are pretty spiffy if I do say so myself. Especially the Alice in Wonderland one. I was stumped there for second like "what the hell, when did a quarter moon became a signficant part of Alice in Wonderland?" stumped.

        Anyways, check out the complete opposite of hyper-minimalist. Meet hyper-realist: paulcadden.com

        1. I didn't think they were drawings/paintings when I first saw them but yes, that's really impressive!

          It took me a bit too with Alice in Wonderland but I was thinking it was the Cheshire cat after a while, which I think it is/was.

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