It’s only Wednesday but it’s been a good week so far

Her: I’ve changed a lot as I’ve gotten older. Before, I used to procrastinate all the time, now I just want unpleasant things over with as soon as possible.
Me: (laughing) Like marrying me?
Her: Well, that goes without saying.

Was supposed to go to Washington DC again this morning but the trip was cancelled last minute. Just as well, got slammed with more work.

Did have some downtime earlier on in the week so I caught up with Skinny, who just got back from Japan after all these years, PB, and Cain. Was supposed to be a quick get together but, as these things go, turned into a four-pitcher-of-beer night.

No rum just because I’m trying to switch it up, but that’s another story.

The very next day, met up with Johnny who didn’t punch me this time. He was in town to close a major deal in midtown and wanted to take me out for lunch; he showed up in a tee shirt, shorts, and flip-flops.

Me: You’re dressed like a kid!
Him: (shrugging) I’m the boss so I can dress how I want. Also, I’m a kid at heart, Logan.

Ended up a Japanese joint that made fresh soba noodles. When I got back to my desk, found out a client finally sent in a check.

It’s only Wednesday but it’s been pretty good so far.

The fact it’s not 108 degrees in the shade helps, also.

Location: getting ready to get to the bank
Mood: upbeat
Music: take advantage of tonight, cause tomorrow I’m off to do battle

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The dish looks amazing! I thought those were soba noodles. 🙂 I make those a lot in the summer.
I'm having sushi + rice (with kimchi) again today…
Glad your week is going well Logan!
Awaiting your rum story……… !

Heya – do you have a good/easy soba recipe that you like? I'm partial to the cold ones in the summertime but I would take either/or.

I'll queue up that rum story for an entry soon; not really all that much a story but it's still a bit funny.

I do indeed Logan, you know it 🙂

I used to just boil them like pasta, chill them in the fridge, and eat them (with peanut sauce… gluton I am..I saw it done in a bento box once.. topped with sesame seeds, mmm) …BUT then I was making them so often I finally looked up the proper way.

So, here's what I use:

I make this recipe's dipping sauce too.. (but if lazy I sometimes make a Korean sauce with soy sauce + honey + sesame oil + Korean hot pepper powder + scallions) .. or of course peanut sauce!

Enjoy !

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