Sleepy Logan and Bachelor Cooking

Last night was particularly rough in terms of the insomnia.

Don’t write much about it any more because if I did, this blog would be one endless post about my not being able to sleep peppered with occasional mentions of rum, wrasslin, fencing, and dropping something. Managed to get about three hours of sleep last night with a client meeting this morning at 9:30.

And I think I’m coming down with something.

When I was younger, used to get a lot done when I couldn’t sleep. Had a separate persona I called Sleepy Logan who did all sortsa stuff for me.

For example, on more than one occasion, I’d wake up and there’d be a pot of chili sitting on my stove and I’d think, “Ah, Sleepy Logan made some chili.” Amongst other things, he’d also learned German, organized my books by colour, and renamed my files to “subject –”

Now I just lie still and hope to catch just a little more sleep.

I’m told it’s the better way to go but on nights like last night, wonder if it’s just not better for Sleepy Logan to visit.


On a somewhat related point, my brother asked me about the old Bachelor Cooking episodes Rain and I did and realized they weren’t up any longer. So I’m reposting episode one. Rain’s probably got a better quality version somewhere.

Partly because of this video, made a concerted effort not to talk so much with my hands.

It’s not been all that successful. Even less so when I get no sleep.

Location: somewhere between kinda awake and kinda asleep
Mood: exhausted
Music: nothing to do waiting for the sun to rise

10 replies on “Sleepy Logan and Bachelor Cooking”

I miss bachelor cooking!! I wish there were more episodes.

And hope you get some sleep dude. My insomnia is back too!! I am unfortunately not productive. I wish I had a sleepy me!

I wish there was too! But we're both so busy and it was time intensive. But maybe Rain will find better versions of the ones that we have.

I hope I get some sleep too; the past two days have been *rough*. Hopefully tonight, we'll both catch some zzzzzzzs.

It's nice to have a Sleepy Me but sometimes the chili is just terrible and he never does the dishes.

It must be something about getting older.

I liked it too; maybe we can find some unaired episodes.

And it's good seeing you around these parts!

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