You don’t look a day over 100

Her: Are you still eating?
Me: (nodding)
Her: (three hours later) You’ve been eating for hours, stop eating!
Me: (opening bag of chips) Just one more thing…

Adolf Hitler, when informed that the Americans might join the war efforts, scoffed: What is America but beauty queens, millionaires, stupid records, and Hollywood?

By the time it entered the war, US factories built one war plane every five minutes. In other words, Hitler only saw the superficial and not the substantial.

Think that it’s true even now, that people only see the superficial and not the substantial.

A short little story before I stuff my face with burgers and coleslaw with a pretty lady.

Happy B-day to my corner of the world!

Location: home, making cole slaw
Mood: grateful
Music: work and prayers of centuries have brought us to this day

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