Pride comes before a fall

Don’t understand people that are extremely proud to be a particular race or ethnicity. They did nothing to achieve that.

Right-Handed and Proud!

Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC

Have not been having a good week.

A byproduct of this is that my insomnia’s back. At least with the advent of tablet computing, I can just read quietly in bed and hopefully fall asleep.

Last night, read that the leader of the anti-Semitic party in Hungary learned he was Jewish.

And parta why I read that was because the Olympics are over. I understand the prideful screaming and cheering there. These are people that just worked for years at a certain skill and have finally achieved something few in the world could.

I get that.

However, got a number of friends that are extremely proud to be Chinese, Irish, black, whatever. One even has a tattoo to this effect. This I don’t get quite as much.

Cause they didn’t do anything to achieve that. Me for example, I’m Chinese. Specifically, from the Luo River in the Bing province. I like being Chinese – after all, we’re a lovely people.

But the question I always think to my friends was, If you were born, say, a Bermudian, would you be equally proud of that? Would you join the Bermudian Day parade, get a tattoo that says, “Bermudian and proud?”

Suspect they would. Which just kinda shows how silly it is. It’s all just sheer stupid luck.

This always gets Chinese people that don’t know me furious cause they say that without this pride, I must be ashamed I’m Chinese. Which, again, makes zero sense to me. I’m Chinese(-American). I’m also right-handed. I don’t get a tattoo that says, “Right-handed and proud” cause it’s merely what I am.

Got an issue with people that are prideful of things they had nuthin to do with. And sometimes, they take this pride to extremes like that guy in Hungary. And then they look idiotic when they realize how easily facts can change.

Him: The greatest fighter in the world was Chinese!
Me: He was one of the greatest fighters in the world cause he worked hard at it and was naturally gifted. Plus Bruce Lee was 1/4 Caucasian.

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Ha – well, I think more than anything, you were/are happy for me. But I'll take pride in that case as I was proud and share my pride with my friends.

omg, I thought I was the only one who thought this way. What I also don't understand are all the clubs and groups at schools and universities….. e.g Asian-American clubs. Imagine there is a Caucasian-American club and what kind of outcry there would be? I have an ex-friend who thought Asian girls 'sold-out' when they dated white guys. What a load of crock. Ugh, why do people have to think this way? Also, what are your thoughts on Leo Manzano, the Olympian runner who raised both US and Mexican flags when he won a medal for the US?

I actually do like the Asian-American clubs – I think they provide a place of belonging for people that might not have that sense of community and history.

However, I was one of those people that thought that people that dated outside their race "sold-out" – then again, I'm not the same person now and I (obviously) agree with you – especially considering my Caucasian wife!

As for Leo, I'm not sure I know enough to make a commentary – I'll look into it, though.

I actually have no problem with people who are proud of their roots or nationality. It's the insecure people, the ones who we mistake their arrogance for pride, that I have a problem with. You know, the ones who always got something to prove? I mean it's one thing to say "I'm so and so and I'm proud of it" vs. "I'm so and so and I'm proud of it. You're not so you must suck." Like the Hungarian guy you speak of. If you're happy with yourself, then that's cool. Whatever floats your boat.

I'm with you for most of what you wrote but I find that it's often never just simple pride. It's that sense of insecure superiority that seems to permeate all of them; and it's remarkably similar regardless of whether it's someone that's Asian, or Irish, or whatever. Very strange. I think that the opposite of ashamed is simply not ashamed. It's the taking to the extreme that I just find…odd…

Seeing as how I like and respect George Carlin, I'll take it as a compliment. I haven't seen this one though – I don't think I've seen anything after is "7 words" days. Still, I never proclaim to have any original thoughts; it's totally possible I've heard this or something like this and it stuck with me. I never know what's rattling around this head of mine.

Hey, I just saw this – ha. It really is similar; I think that if you think about things logically, people come to the same general conclusions. Thanks for sending this!

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