Chris Gethard and being kind for no reason

It’s easy to be cruel for no reason; it’s just as easy to be kind

Actually, that same day I saw the foozball table from my last entry, I was in Chinatown earlier. Was starving so I popped into a dive that had 20 dumplings for $4. That was great. Not so great was the fact that I went to the gym not more than 20 minutes later.

Me: I don’t feel so hot.
Him: Do you think it mighta been the 20 dumplings you just ate?
Me: (thinking) Nah…
Him: (knees me in stomach)
Me: C’mon!


As you know, I was very fat as a kid.

5′ 3″ 185 pounds fat. 44 inch waist at 13 years old fat. Hella fat.

Then at 15, lost all the weight and – comparatively speaking to what I used to look like – looked pretty good. Was also a lot smarter than most people my age due to the fact I had zero friends and studied all the time.

So I was thin, smart, and not so bad looking. Combined with years of getting bullied, I became just a rotten teenager. Arrogant and mean. And I was that way for a while. But that’s a story for another time.

In any case, I see what happened to me as the interwebs as that on a massive, global scale. Where the powerless and nobodies can become superstars. And it’s cliched how quickly people can become cruel for no reason when given the opportunity.

It wasn’t until much later in life that I realized that anyone can be unkind; that’s easy. Ellen DeGeneres said that most comedy is based on getting a laugh at someone else’s expense. Think that’s true.

A reader once wrote me that he thought my blog was the most “un-ranty” one he reads. Suppose that’s because, I realized that I got lucky in life. And my comedy, if any, is at my expense.

Anywho, I bring this all up cause my brother just sent me a link to a comedian named Chris Gethard who wrote a long, heart-felt message to an anonymous fan that felt suicidal. I enjoyed it for a number of reasons – one of which is that it talks about suicide, which I think more people should do. The other of which is that it was kind.

Say it all the time: Thank goodness for the good souls.

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7 replies on “Chris Gethard and being kind for no reason”

Thanks for this beautiful post Logan. I read Gethard's letter. It's so touching. I have also struggled with a lot and have received sincere, compassionate and thoughtful advice via people online I've never met — you included. I don't want to know where I'd be today if it wasn't for the internet being my portal to the outside world and a sense of community, especially throughout my teens when I was stuck at home with a ticking time-bomb, tyrannical parent. Yes, thank goodness for the good souls! Have a great day Logan and Alison!

Thanks Dana – and thanks for reading and commenting on Alison's blog as well. I'm glad that I can be included in those that have added to your life rather than those that have detracted. Just FYI, I find you one of the good souls too and am glad you're part of my "people online."

BTW, I added your RSS feed to my daily automatic reading so I will be able to comment more as well. =)

It's a pleasure following and commenting on Alison's blog. Her recent post (I haven't gotten to read the others yet!) was so down-to-earth, original and intelligent that I couldn't help but comment and share my tapas experiences. You two are such brilliant writers.

You sure have added. A lot. And, I really enjoyed all of your help this summer — introducing me to that website and getting to illustrate your cover. It was wonderful and I'm thinking of pursuing more illustration opportunities.

Et merci pour l'abonnement (thanks for subscribing) !

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