Thanksgiving 2012

Thanks for letting me make cameos in your life

Wrote something long and drawn out but instead, as I do most years, I’m just gonna point you to an entry I wrote in 2008.

Wow, it’s Thanksgiving 2012. We’ve been together six years, my interwebs friends.

Thanks for letting me make a cameo in your life.

Bum leg notwithstanding, I’m so grateful for everything I have – my tiny pad, my family and friends, my awesome wife, and my stash of frozen chili and rum.

Life is good.

For those of you not in the US, have some turkey tomorrow.

As for you in the US, Happy Turkey Day!

Location: getting ready to see the fam
Mood: caffeinated
Music: Hello sunshine how are things going?
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6 Replies to “Thanksgiving 2012”

  1. 6 years only?? That recently? I feel like it's been a lot longer than that.
    Happy Thanksgiving. I want pie. :

    1. I know! It feels like even longer than that. Then again, life feels like it's whizzing by.

      And now I want pie too – and look, it rhymes!

      1. I feel like I've been reading your blogs since Asian Avenue and LJ…and that has to be more than 5 years right?

        1. I think that I made an appearance from time to time for Rain's blog but I've only been blogging since 2006 (man, that feels like ages ago!).

    1. Thanks Marie – it was great and fattening, just the way i like it. Hope it was the same for you.

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