Symbols & Cymbals

Taking inventory of the life

Me: I didn’t slam the toilet lid!
Her: Yes you did! How would you like it if I woke you up using cymbals?

After the breakneck pace of the past few months, I’ve had the luxury of a little downtime to decompress and reassess where I am in life.

Going back to my old saw that all of your life’s problems can be divided up into Health, Wealth, and Relationships, I took some inventory the other day.

Good, not great. I’m back to wrasslin but it’s slow going because my injured leg gets tired quickly. Still, I’ve been rolling with a guy that had a total – total – knee replacement so it’s good that we get to ease into it. I’m now teaching that fencing class so that’s been fun too.

My workload is back up to 2007 levels, which is both good and bad. It’s definitely good in that the I could use the scratch but working 14 hours days is unsustainable. Been chatting with friends on how to perhaps do something to even out the work so it’s better spaced. Haven’t come up with a solution yet but I suppose it’s a matter of time.

With the people I care about, this is going well too. I have a handful of issues with some friends but who doesn’t? Also, the wife and I are celebrating our anniversary this month, so that’s good.

According to a published report titled, The Connubial Crucible: Newlywed Years as Predictors of Marital Delight, Distress, and Divorce, if you can make it past two years, the chance that you’ll make a marriage last is pretty high.

So we made it past that symbolic mark.

Between you and me, I totally slammed that toilet lid.

I’ll have to work on that.

Her: I got you something. (hands me bag)
Me: Oh you didn’t have to, thanks. (opening) Wait, Bacon-flavored chocolate nuts?
Her: Yup.
Me: You are the best wife ever!

Mood: content
Music: Everybody sails alone But we can travel side by side
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