The difference between Knowledge and Wisdom

Isn’t it the least educated, least traveled, least read of the people you know that have conspiracy theories? They can’t discern between knowledge and wisdom.

Understanding what it really means/Seeing the grey

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Worked pretty much this entire weekend. Beat tired.

Life was simpler when you’re young. There was ever only black and white, good and evil, heroes and villains.

As you get older you realize there’s a lot of grey. Unless you never grow up. If you never grow up, then the world remains black and white. You don’t see the grey. Or all of the luck, stupid luck, and stupid involved in life.

If you see the grey, you see that there’s a lot of stupid involved in life.

Have you ever noticed that it’s the least educated, least traveled, least read of the people you know that have conspiracy theories? Because they have no background on which to base a logical conclusion, they make their own out of bits and pieces of trivia and fact.

They can’t discern the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

There’s this example in one of Malcolm Gladwell’s books where a writing teacher says to a buncha students that the election is the next day.

They’re to write about what it means.

And most of the kids write about the democratic process, the history of nation, the candidates, etc. Information, data, knowledge.

But one student understands what this really means. It means: No school tomorrow.

That’s wisdom. Understanding what things mean.

There’re people with the ability to see the grey and everyone else.

Stranger: How do they know they got the right guy? I mean, besides the shootout, the cop they shot, and the pictures, what evidence do they have these guys did anything?
Me: That’s true, besides the shootout, the cop they shot, the pictures – and the chase, the video, the ATM pics, the multiple eye-witnesses – besides those things, I suppose you’re right, they don’t have anything.

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Mood: weary
Music: giving the academy a rain check
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4 replies on “The difference between Knowledge and Wisdom”

Your past few posts have sounded pretty jaded. I don’t really blame you, considering the events the past few weeks. It’s always a time to mourn when tragedy strikes, but yes, there are people who want to get ahead of the game, albeit misguidedly, skip the mourning the part and go straight to investigating. That’s how conspiracy theorists are born, I guess. I have a few on my fb as well, but that’s what the hide button’s for šŸ™‚

You’re probably right; I’m very disappointed in the world, I think. All the news I read just brings me down and then people are just…idiots. But you’re right. I try not to get ranty if I can help it.

Yes, thank goodness for that hide button!

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