Goodwill is a function of marketing

Having a good reputation means burgers


Was running around to meetings all last week and hopped onto a bus going downtown. Sat right near Tina Fey.

Me: Just so you know, my wife and I loved your book. We literally laughed out loud.
Her: Thanks! That’s great to hear.

I tell people all the time that real New Yorkers ride the bus when it’s nice outside.

Been going to meetings to wrap up a slate of work this past week and month. It’s a good feeling to finally not have something on your mind.

My three business credos have been helping me out greatly, now that the economy has improved. On a regular basis, I’m getting phone calls that begin with something like, Hi, my name is X, I was referred to you by Y.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that goodwill is a form of marketing. It’s probably the best form. I mean, you buy something because you heard or figured it’s good, right? I read Fey’s Bossypants precisely because I liked her other work and figured I would again.

The wife and I regularly order around the way from our local diner. I was short $0.50 last week when I picked up my usual burger on whole wheat toast and lady said, Don’t worry about it, pay it next time.

The next morning I stopped by and returned the $0.50. I did it partly because it’s right and partly because I’m sure I’ll forget to bring the right amount again in the future. I’d like to be known as someone that pays his debts.

That plus they have some of the best fries in the UWS; I have to support that.

Owner: Hey, you really don’t have to do that.
Me: (handing over two quarters) Of course I do.

Location: more meetings, midtown
Mood: hungry
Music: It’s still hard to wait around. The problem is this seems so easy to miss
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2 Replies to “Goodwill is a function of marketing”

  1. “when I picked up my usual burger on whole wheat toast” — I am salivating right now! I have not been able to order anything on whole wheat, or toast, for two years. I can pick up a pre-made sandwich at the boulangerie, or a pre-made panini/quiche/pizza, that’s about it.

    I’m glad that your goodwill is working well for you! It really is so important- that is how I got every single one of my assistant jobs in NY, and probably why I have yet to find one here as I don’t know anyone in the fields I’m pursuing.

    Tina Fey; wow!

    1. No way, really?! I can’t imagine that. Something about a simple NYC burger is one of life’s simple pleasures. I’m hoping you can come back and visit soon enough to pick one up – although you make some amazing looking food as it is.

      Yup, goodwill is the best way to get and keep clients; I’m guessing it’ll just be a little time and you’ll be building up your list again in beautiful France.

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