A rather mundane Monday

I hope two things for myself and you: That we never have to find out what we are truly made of, and if we must, it turns out to be noble things

I hope for two things for us

Just walked in the door from the great state of New Jersey,

For those of you in the States, hope you had a good holiday weekend. For those of you not, still hope it was great.

Pretty much worked the entire time to catch up on work I missed out on while on vacation. Had the place to myself since the wife went to see her folks for the holiday. Turned out to be a good thing because I underestimated the sheer volume of things I had to do.

Did manage to hit the gym a couple of times and even met up with my cousin for a drink with a friend of hers that read, and enjoyed, my book.

On that note, I get about one random email a month from someone saying how much they like The Men Made of Stone. If you did, consider telling someone about it or posting a review?

In any case, been bouncing the idea for a new story in my head but I’m still fleshing it out. Also thinking of writing a book on dating.

So many ideas and so little time.

In the midst of all this, kept up with the plane crash that happened and the firefighters that recently died.

On the plane crash, they interviewed someone that was part of it all who said that he didn’t know how he was going to act in such a situation and he was pleased to find that he was able to keep calm and help others. It’s like I said once, we’re made in our sleep and by our lonely.

I hope two things for myself and you:

  1. That we never have to find out what we are truly made of, and
  2. That if we must, we find that we are made of noble things.

And on that note, I wish the people in the crash and those that the firefighters left behind well and turn back to my rather mundane Monday.

It’s a lucky thing to have a mundane Monday, I think.

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2 replies on “A rather mundane Monday”

A close friend of mine watched a good friend of his die just several feet away from him. He told me that before that moment he always believed himself to be the kind of man who would sacrifice his own life for those he loved, but that when the moment came…he found himself paralyzed by fear and rooted in one position.

Always makes me wonder…

I’m not sure we really know until that moment.

But like you said, I hope we’re never tested in such ways.

That sounds just terrible – I can’t imagine and hope such a thing never happens to me or any one I know. I’m so sorry to hear that. I don’t know how one deals with such a blow. Is he ok now?

I hope he doesn’t blame himself, because we can never tell what we’re going to do and how we’re going to act. Who knows what would have happened if the stimulus and surroundings were different?

And yes, if we’re lucky, we’ll never have to find out what we would actually do in such a situation.

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