The oldest thing we had was a tree called the Methuselah tree

Had a slow work week but old injuries meant that I couldn’t hit the gym as much as I woulda liked. Can’t deny being 40.

Can’t deny feeling my age these days

Me: Should I wear my wedding ring or will you keep the women away from me?
Her: (putting on shoes) Yeah Logan, I’ll swat them away like flies.

The weather’s finally turned from summer to fall so the wife and I went out for a walk. Had to stretch my legs.

Pinus longaeva, Methuselah Walk - Methuselah G...
Methuselah Grove (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Work’s been slow because judges are usually away for the summer, as are most of my clients.

But just this week, several of them called me out of the blue so I assume that we’re back to the grind.

I did want to take advantage of the slow week to hit the gym but my old injuries acted up again. The buddy I train with had some useful insight:

Him: I think I know what the problem is.
Me: Really, what?
Him: You’re seriously old, man. I mean, really, really, really…
Me: (interrupting) That’s just mean, man.

It’s funny, I look in the mirror and I don’t think I look all that different. But I had to take most of last week off from the gym because something. went wonky in my knee.

Suppose there’s no two ways around being 40.

For years, the oldest thing on the planet was a tree called the Methuselah tree; records put it at 4,845 years. But they just found an older tree nearby at 5,062 years old.

Me? I’d like to make it to three digits if at all possible.

It doesn’t actually feel that far off for me any more. After all, the last decade seemed to go by in a heartbeat.

I figure I’ll blink and it’ll be 2073. Wonder if I’ll be able to teleport to California by then.

In any case, there’s a line from the song below that goes, I want to be the best I can. For me, for you, for every man, But I can slip, I lose my place.

But then there’s not much to do but get up and get back up and try again.

After my knee stops aching, that is.

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6 replies on “The oldest thing we had was a tree called the Methuselah tree”

I’m starting to feel the aches and pains associated with getting older. Climbing, more specifically bouldering, is my main hobby. It’s hard on the body and as I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed that 1) I’ve lost all flexibility in the hips & hamstrings (I try to stretch regularly, but that’s not working out) and 2) I have to take more rest days in between training sessions. I figure once I get up there in age and can no longer take the exertion, I would transition into a less physical form of climbing (traditional maybe).

I can’t imagine life without climbing, but I lack discipline to take the long term approach thinking in the here and now, which keeps leading to injuries of some kind.

Anyways, here’s wishing you a speedy recovery.

Wow, that sounds really impressive – climbing in general is so different from what I’m used to in my very metropolitan life.

I suppose we won’t be able to do our favourite physical activities at their maximum at some point, but I’m hoping to put that off for as long as possible while I can.

As for now, there’s a lot of ice, painkillers, and funny-looking exercises in my immediate future. Hoping to be well enough to hit the gym again in a few days.

take vitamins, fish oil, drink lots of water, and eat more fruits and veggies. i started changing my basic life habits and i feel a million times better than i have in years.

Shoot, none of the replies I put in via my phone came through.

I’ve been eating more fish lately, specifically sardines, because I heard that the pills were just not as effective as real fish. I find that when I regularly have beans and fish, I feel lot better, although the house does smell like a fishery when I do.

I’m three years away from thirty, and am still bracing myself for the inevitable speed up. 2001 doesn’t seem entirely that long ago, but then again we had house phones in 2001.

Dude, I would kill for 30 right now!

Nice observation on house phones – I’ll have to use that some time.

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