From the Archives: Safe, Grace, and Mercy

My friend’s grandfather passed. Reminded me of a letter I wrote to my grandma and the difference between grace and mercy.

Sal, a letter, and the difference between Grace and Mercy

My best friend’s granddad is a fella named Sal. He and his family have always been kind to me. I remember we once discussed Dean Martin. Good ole Dino. Good ole Sal.

Sal just passed yesterday so I’ve got to dust off my black suit and say goodbye. I’m sad, not so much for him, because he lived a good and long life, but for those he left behind.

After all, A man’s dying is more the survivors’ affair than his own.

I wanted to write more but I think I said it best already in the two posts below.

I thought of my own grandma when I heard the news. We were close because she lived in Taiwan and I’m an insomniac. When I was up at 3AM, I had someone to speak to. After she passed, when  3AM rolled around, found myself just sitting in the dark by my lonely. So I wrote her this letter.


Grace and Mercy
And in that entry, talked about the difference between grace and mercy. One is when you get the good things you don’t deserve; the other is when you don’t get the bad things you do deserve. You can read which one is which here.

Back on Monday.

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6 replies on “From the Archives: Safe, Grace, and Mercy”

Thanks – I’ll take that as a compliment. She was a great old gal, I still miss her, especially on the insomnia nights.

Thursday will by my grandmother’s one year anniversary since she passed away. Your post reminded me of how I was comforted by my phone conversations with her. Grandmas have a way of understanding you like no one else.

I couldn’t agree more; in my case, my grandmother spoke no English and my Chinese is quite poor, but we still managed to have good long conversations at 3AM.

I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I found writing that letter very cathartic so perhaps, when you find yourself missing your grandmother the most, you can try that?

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