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Dean Martin and the Street Where You Live

Eve: Sing it to me.
Adam: (softly, saying it as much as singing it) “All at once am I several stories high knowing I’m on the street where you live.” It’s about a young man who is overjoyed just to be standing in front of the house of the person he loves.

Everybody likes Frank Sinatra. Not me; much preferred Dean Martin. Gotta say that his version of On the Street Where You Live is my favourite. Thought about it today after running all over the city.

Got home first, from a pretty busy day. Was up at 4AM. Dashed out to a breakfast at the Benjamin Steak House with a buncha lawyers. Nice group save for one fella who just seemed like he was in a sour mood. Found him annoying; he was the only one.

In any case, had the Eggs Benedict before hoofing it to the office. Caught a train out to Queens to another office, a haircut, lunch at the rents, another appointment at the old NY Sun offices before catching another train.

Made it back home just in time to hear her unlock the door.


Like Eggs Benedicts cause my egg poaching’s not worth a damn and my Hollandaise sauce breaks enough times for me to just want someone to do it for me.

If I get enough time, gonna try and make Chicken and 40 Cloves of Garlic. Love fall. Get to cook again.

Sculpture in NYC

Location: getting ready for another busy day
Mood: weary
Music: People stop and state; they don’t bother me.
YASYCTAI: Meet more people; everyone has at least one interesting story. (2 mins/1.0 pt)

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I think I'm going to blink and fall will be over. I still feel like we are in August. I really like fall but it just doesn't stick around long in Calgary.

Btw, I preferred this 40 cloves of garlic recipe:
The light toast before + the sauce after really made it better. And I'm with you about the hollandaise. I just can't whisk vigorously and add the butter without feeling incredibly spazzy.

The recipe looks too hard! I did Alton's but I'll try that one next time; this one is pretty greasy.

I know what you mean about blinking and having fall be over. It seems like it takes forever to start and then, poof, it's gone.

I have given up on hollandaise; it's just easier to go out and have it made for me I think.

I love to hear that you have this wonderful woman to share your life with after those hectic, long NYC work days. It makes life so much happier, fun, fulfilling. The song is sweet and you are soooo romantic! Lucky lady you have!

I don't know Dean Martin as much as Frank.. must change that!

Weird/Random fact:.. I was thinking about poached eggs today (surprisingly, it's not something I think about often, ha). Just thought you should know…

& I too get the the point where it's just better going out to eat. Like here in France.. I wouldn't make crêpes at home when there are a few crêperie's within 5 mins walk from me! Making Chinese dumplings, on the other hand, is something I have started doing (something I'd never think of doing in NY)- as dumplings here stink! I may even try to make soup dumplings…

Ha, I think of poached eggs all the time. I think I may have some today in fact.

Yes, everyone should listen to some Dino from time to time. He's the best!

I should make some dumplings as well – I love eating them but it's so easy to buy around me. It reminds me of childhood.

You have to return to NYC at some point (after all of your France excitement).

Not as familiar! I'll have to give that a try the next time I'm in the mood for Dino.

The only version I've heard of that song is the showtune-y one from "My Fair Lady." Definitely like this version better.

I like all the rat packs… except I'm not even sure who the fourth guy is…

It's cool, isn't it? I also like his version of "Sway" but you should also try hearing the version from the film "Dark City" which is excellent as well.

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