In a red leather recliner in the UWS

For the most part, avoid the theaters like the plague. But I caught Gravity at a theater with – get this – red leather recliners.

The one where I saw the movie Gravity

I used to live in a two-bedroom, but then this happened:

Me: So the mouse seems to have disappeared.
Her: Ok, well, we’ll have to seal off the back room with concrete block and never go back there again.

After a month of living in a de facto one-bedroom, we caught it so our apartment became a two-bedroom again, which is good because that was around the time that my brother came.

Her: I’m still not going back there.

For the most part, avoid the theaters like the plague because I can’t stand people. But the one in my hood (didn’t realize this until my friend PB told me) has assigned seating and – get this – red leather recliners.

Red. Leather. Recliners.

This also meant plenty of arms rests and leg room. May have to find a reason to see movies every day.

The film itself was pretty astounding. Really good story-telling and amazing use of 3D. It reminded me of watching Forrest Gump where the CGI wasn’t so annoyingly in your face.

Because we didn’t get enough sugar from the gallon-sized drinks there, we strolled to a local candy shop called Sugar and Plumm where we, quite literally, were kids in a candy shop.

And now to go to the gym for the rest of the week. But it was worth it. Totally worth it.

On a different note entirely, got a comment the other day from the gals from the Panasonic party. Honestly have no idea how anyone finds this blog.

In any case, turns out the woman I took a picture with is named Jamie Rae Livingston and she’s a semi-finalist for Maxim’s Hometown Hotties.

I myself was in contention for Hometown Hotties 1978 but lost out on the talent portion. And the looks, poise, height, weight, and math portions. But it was close.

Seems like a nice enough gal so, if you have 10 seconds, you can vote for her here – no registration, just click a button.

Location: getting ready for gym for real
Mood: even more fatty-fat-fat
Music: I know I’m not the only one standing here
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7 replies on “In a red leather recliner in the UWS”

I love that you end up at the most random (to me) events and photoblog about it.

I said the same thing when the theatre w/recliners and assigned seating opened here. I still haven’t been and it’s been almost 2 years. =/

I have to admit that it’s all pretty random, but I think it’s only interesting because I take record of it. If I just told someone that I went to see a film and then had coffee afterward, it wouldn’t be that big a deal.

If you have a similar theater where you are, you must go!

at least it’s not a rat, bokay?
i love macarons. the reason i came to NYC last year was to eat at bouchon bakery and have a pistachio macaron. true story.
if someone grabbed my butt i might like it.

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