The time I went to Bowlmor Lanes in Times Square Pt. 2

More pics from the party and a quote from Hemingway: “Gradually, then suddenly.” That pretty much sums up our lives.

Gradually, then suddenly

To continue from last time, after we stuffed our faces and drank our fill (for the time being), a singer came out and belted a few tunes – I thought she was pretty good.

We ended up getting most of the bowling lanes to ourselves and played next to this blond couple that were hyper competitive.

Met a photographer with the same camera family as mine so we traded lens for a bit and I walked about looking for things to photograph.

Every so often, these incredibly tall models would float in and wait for the make-shift photo-studio near the lanes. Ended up chatting with one named Jamie-rae from exotic New Jersey.

Me: Dammit, knew I should have brought a step ladder. Try not to make me look too short, ok?
Her: (laughing) I’ll try.

I made my way to my buddies and had some more drinks – the rum situation had not improved so vodka was the word of the day.

Then it was time to go.

Me: Hey man, I better jet. (pause) You gonna be ok?
Him: Yeah. It comes and go.
Me: Life’s crazy, isn’t it? Everything’s gradually then suddenly.
Him: That’s exactly right.

Making my way home, kept thinking about Hemingway’s gradually, then suddenly line that my wife told me about.

When I was in my late 20s and early 30s, there was a parade of friends getting married, then from early 30s to now, a parade of friends having kids. And now, all of these funerals.

This all happens gradually and then suddenly. Gotta admit that I dread the next suddenly.

Wife: How was it?
Me: Good. Some other things we can chat about later but it was good seeing the guys. (brightening) Wanna see some pics?
Her: Sure.

Location: wishing my brother a safe trip at the door
Mood: concerned
Music: We count our dollars on the train to the party
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8 replies on “The time I went to Bowlmor Lanes in Times Square Pt. 2”

my bff’s mom just passed too. it’s cliche but life is short and unpredictable. there’s never “enough time” with the people u love so u gotta take what u get. made me think of my own parents, who i see maybe 1 – 2x a year at most. it’s hard because i want to spend time with them but we live in different states and have different lives.


LIFE, logan, LIFE.

I’m so sorry to read that – yes, it seems like it’s a milestone we all have to go through. The next milestone – where it happens to our friends and not our friends’ relatives – is the one that I’m dreading. The family one I dread the most.

Do you video chat with your family? I know it’s not the same thing but it’s still a luxury we have in our modern world.

Life indeed!

Yes, there’s no getting around the fact that as we get older, death gets closer and more meaningful, until it’s our turn. The “midlife crisis” around age 50 is the point when we assess what do with the time we have left.
But that’s still a long way off for a guy in his thirties. So, keep writing and doing photography — you’re quite talented, and I enjoy reading this blog.

Liz – thanks for such a nice comment!

Unfortunately, I’m already 40 so I’m 10 years away from that mid-life crisis. But I’ll keep writing and taking pictures of randomness so long as I have a reader or two. Hopefully you’ll stick around!

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